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It’s been almost two years since Empress Avenue had the exclusive opportunity to learn what happens behind the scenes with Vancouver-based style blog To Vogue or Bust by Alexandra Grant. Since then, she has launched her blog full time, working to inspire and empower her fashion readers daily to extend style to all areas of life. We’ve updated our original interview with a gallery of some recent fashion images. Read more below!

1.) Tell us about yourself and how you started blogging.- My name’s Alexandra and I’m a full-time blogger, co-founder of The Style Common and freelance writer! I began blogging because prior to beginning To Vogue or Bust, I was pursuing a law career path, something which would have not suited my creative-minded personality at all. I decided that I’d abandon my “practical” career goals in favor of a path that I believed would be far more rewarding (even if there wasn’t much financial stability). Being a psych grad, I knew that if I made myself accountable to the public, I’d be that much more inclined to stick to it, and with that, To Vogue or Bust was born!

2.) What makes your blog absolutely fabulous?- I think the one thing that I try to emphasize on my blog is that style and fashion can be very accessible – it doesn’t have to be all about consumerism, spending money and dressing impracticably. Style and fashion can be fun but also relatable!

3.) What type of content fits with your targeted audience?– My readers love seeing personal style and also being given tips as to how to achieve certain cool yet accessible styling tricks!

4.) What does a day in your blog life look like?- I wake up, check my phone for social media notifications and emails while still in bed (terrible habit!), set up some social media for the day, go off to do whatever I need to do work-wise, do a quick shoot, do more emails, then set up my post for the next day!

5.) What types of readers are in your pink book and who are you looking to connect with?- I like connecting with readers who are eager to share their passions and who are looking to connect themselves!

6.) Is running your own blog as glamorous as it sounds? Definitely not! Most bloggers who get really into it are big tech nerds (definitely not glamorous), and if you blog full-time, you can expect to spend hours upon hours working in front of your laptop. There are some nice perks (fun campaigns, events, etc), but more often than not, you’re just hanging out with your BFF (your laptop).

7.) What celebrity do you look at for style inspiration and why?- I love Marion Cotillard, Charlotte Casiraghi and Diane Kruger – always femme and elegant but something’s always slightly edgy or off kilter.

8.)  What are your favorite stores to shop at for the perfect wardrobe?- Club Monaco and J.Crew are amazing for classics, while Obakki and local shop Lynn Steven are great for independent labels.

9.)  What is your favorite travel hot spot? – I go to Maui often – it’s my favorite place in the world. I need SPF, a bikini and flip flops! That’s honestly it!

10.)  Can you offer any advice for new bloggers or female entrepreneurs looking to promote their business?- Connect, connect, connect. Meet other bloggers and entrepreneurs, take them out for coffee, go to events. Get to know your readers. Also, when you start picking up a bit of momentum, stay humble – nothing’s worse than people who get a taste of success and let it go to their heads!

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