A Very Merry Gatsby Christmas Holiday Bash

To celebrate the end of a very successful year, I planned a Great Gatsby Roaring 20’s Holiday Party at Hycroft Manor in Vancouver, B.C. for 50 special guests. The event was in the mansion’s private speakeasy, which was built during prohibition where roaring 20’s style parties took place.

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In the novel, Gatsby’s mansion is as much as a character as the living beings. It is presented as a big and luxurious place with party decorations fit for a queen! Hycroft was the perfect place for the Gatsby theme event.

For the décor, we played up the black, white and gold with feathers sprinkled on all the Christmas decorations for the highest amount of glamour possible. To bring the evening back in time, we played the full Gatsby movie soundtrack curated from Spotify!

Put on your flapper dress and time travel back to the Jazz Age!

Fashion is probably the most obvious element to make a Gatsby themed party look like a Gatsby themed party and our guests did not disappoint. I found my Gatsby dress on Amazon and my hair was styled at Blo Dry Bar South Vancouver. My husband Ryan’s suit and dress shirt was custom made, and his tie is from Burberry.

The roaring twenties were a decadent heyday. Flappers, gangsters and speakeasies littered the North American landscape. Women were adorned in feathered headwear, pearls and mary janes, the fringes of their glimmering dresses flying as they danced.

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“I like large parties. They’re so intimate.” F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

“In the novel F. Scott Fitzgerald tells the story of a cast of characters living on prosperous Long Island in the summer of 1922, exploring themes of decadence and excess. Millionaire Jay Gatsby hosts extravagant and wild parties in an attempt to impress his neighbour across the Bay, Daisy Buchanan. Baz Luhrmann’s film adaptation – casting Leonardo DiCaprio as the lead – demonstrates the power of dazzling design, sound and production in bringing the Gatsby vision to life.”

You can’t have a party without drinks! We had 2 signature Gatsby cocktails, a Manhattan and a Gin Fizz ready for guests to enjoy. For eats, we decided to go for small bites that can fit on a cocktail plate and can be eaten easily, but still look divine.

Happy Holidays and all the best to you in the year to come! Thank you to everyone that joined me at the Great Gatsby Christmas Party!

Venue: Hycroft Manor, Vancouver, B.C.
Photos: Rachel King Photography
Fashion: Amazon 
Hair: Blo Dry Bar South Vancouver
: Amazon
Music: Spotify 
Host: Talia Davis, President & Founder, Women in PR North America

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