What To Do In Varadero (Cuba Honeymoon)

We spent 2 weeks in Varadero, Cuba for our honeymoon and to celebrate another friends wedding. Imagine being surrounded by magnificent and colorful towers of Spanish-colonial architecture line streets that bustle with the hum of vintage 1950s-era cars, the smell of cigar smoke and sugar cane swirling to the beat of afro-inspired music as bar patrons sway in a mid-afternoon Salsa session.

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Their rhythmic motion is not unlike the lapping of the turquoise ocean waves on the Caribbean beaches just a few hundred yards away. This is the parallel universe known as Cuba – a paradise that is home to Varadero Beach, the perfect backdrop for a honeymoon getaway.

If you’re planning your own vacation to Cuba, in this post I’m going to share a little bit about how we booked our vacation and maximized our budget by booking at some great resorts.

After all we just spent a small fortune on our wedding and bought a cabin in Pemberton the week before, but we wanted to start our lives together with amazing memories. Our adventure in Cuba definitely didn’t disappoint! Throughout this post you can check out some of the photos from our trip.

Love in Varadero

Varadero rivals the most romantic oceanside getaways, earning a reputation for some of the most stunning beaches in the world. With its pristine white sands, shimmering waters, and tropical sunshine, you’ll fall in love all over again, even the day after the ceremony.

Varadero hosts a multitude of resorts ready to help you make once-in-a-lifetime memories with your special person. From sunrise sailing to premiere dining to cultural exhibitions, there are countless ways for you to share the love.

Iberostar Selection Varadero

Settle into a honeymoon suite overlooking ocean sunsets at Iberostar Selection Varadero. Known for its world-class bars Cubana and restaurant life, this resort is perfect for couples looking for thrilling festivities by night and comfy lazing by day.

The times shared here will forever be a part of your matrimonial bond – as one couple testifies, “We stayed here for our honeymoon 10 years ago and we’re going back there for our 10 year anniversary this week we loved it so much!

Royalton Hicacos Varadero Resort & Spa

Situated on the scenic Hicacos Peninsula, Royalton Hicacos Varadero leans into the tropical ambience to create an exotic and intimate getaway experience. Caribbean-style bungalows just a stroll from private beaches make for the perfect lover’s hideaway. As an adults-only resort, romance is at the forefront of Royalton Hicacos focus.

For a glimpse at the premium treatment provided, here’s a testimony about one couple’s personal attendant on their honeymoon trip: “He organized a special dinner for us with lobster and steak and a band to serenade us, he organized a romantic bath and flower delivery for my wife and I and also catered to our every need with getting us in for a massage and offering tours of the area.”

You can find a more extensive list of Varadero’s top resorts here!

Excitement Off The Resort

The surrounding area of Varadero offers a range of attractions to add adventure to your honeymoon retreat. A highlight for us was a trip into Havana in an old classic car.

Underwater Cuba

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With guided snorkeling and scuba tours, Underwater Cuba lets you explore an aquatic dreamscape full of marine life and coral reefs straight out of a nature documentary. Grab your adventure buddy’s hand and take a dive!

Cayo Blanco

Perhaps the most gorgeous among a breathtaking lineup of local beaches, Cayo Blanco is a short boat ride away from the Varadero peninsula. Here you can enjoy quiet walks along the sandbars, delicious seafood snacks, and leisurely catamaran tours.

Day Trip to Havana

For some variety to your days of soaking up the sun on the beach, consider a day trip to historic Havana, the capital of Cuba. Boasting a blend of architecture with both Caribbean and European influences, the city feels like an artifact of culture preserved from another world.

Visit iconic sites of history, including El Castillo del Morro, Plaza Vieja, and Ernest Hemingways former home, then grab a lover’s lunch at a paladar – a local-run restaurant featuring authentic Cuban cuisine.

Evening in Cuba promises just as much excitement, with plenty of watering holes, nightclubs, and cultural exhibitions.

For a list of the top things to do in this town, see here!

Happy Honeymoon

With its awe-inspiring landscape, extraordinary amenities, and cultural charm, Cuba is one of those unique honeymoon destinations that can feel like “your place.”

Ready to make a love story that would make Hemingway jealous? I would definitely recommend a trip to Cuba and we would love to return one day!

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