5 Vacation Destinations in North America for Female Entrepreneurs

All work and no play can kill any female entrepreneur’s potential to innovate and invent. You’ve worked hard all year round, now it’s time to plan your future vacation. Taking a well-deserved break with your family or friends in North America is the perfect way to achieve that elusive work-life balance.

As a busy public relations professional, my phone is always ringing, so the opportunity to step away from the office and enjoy a relaxing vacation with my own family is a welcome opportunity.

In this article, we are sharing five vacation destinations and a few tips for what to pack.

1.    Grand Canyon

Time away from the hustles and bustles of city life is refreshing. The Grand Canyon in the northwest corner of Arizona, close to the borders of Utah and Nevada, provides a scenic landscape for you to hike or take long drives. You could also park your car in the South Rim and enjoy biking. The breathtaking sunrise and sunset at the Grand Canyon are what every girl dreams of while on vacation. 

Are you craving enchanting silence and natural beauty? Then the Grand Canyon should be top of your bucket list. In the summer, a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, and running shoes are a perfect match for this trip. During winter, a light jacket, boots, and jeans would be perfect. If you are considering a trip to the Grand Canyon, I would start planning ahead for summer.

The Horseshoe Bend in Colorado River, Arizona, USA

2.    Wailea, Hawaii

A vacay in North America isn’t complete until you experience the aloha spirit of Wailea, Hawaii. Wailea is one destination where the party never ends. The island comprises five stunning beaches and world-class resorts. You’ll be pampered with lavish foods and nights to remember.

If you crave the ocean scents, Wailea is your soul doctor. The beautiful sights and inviting weather on the island will make your vacay worth every penny. Hawaii is an island of freedom when it comes to dressing. You might opt for comfy shorts and crop tops, or explore the sights in your sundress. On this island, anything goes!

3.    Vancouver

The outdoors are amazing in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. There’s something for everyone! Are you an adrenaline junky? Skiing on Grouse Mountain should be top of your to-do list. For the more reserved visitor, Kitsilano beach will offer you a magical swimming experience in the summer. Vancouver provides visitors with breathtaking strolls through sprawling the extensive Stanley Park sanctuary.

If you are a fan of museums, then walking around outdoors in Granville Island is a must-see. The best part is that all these attractions are 5 miles away from the city center. Your wardrobe while in Vancouver should be simple, and make sure you pack light, sporty shoes for easy movement when you walk around the city. Your feet will thank you because there is a ton to explore.

4.    Yellow Stone

Yellow Stone is the perfect spot for nature lovers. It’s situated principally in northwestern Wyoming and partly in southern Montana and eastern Idaho and includes the greatest concentration of hydrothermal features in the world.

Who wouldn’t want to plan a trip to this destination after watching the new hit show, which was filmed in more than 20 locations across Utah! The world-famous destination is complete with animal life, steaming geysers, and hiking trails. Your trip to Yellow Stone will be so perfect you’ll want to come back again.

Wondering how to Watch Yellowstone?
Town and Country Magazine shares how to catch up on Kevin Costner’s ranch drama.

Once you’re done with the trip inside the park, you can spend a few hours driving through the Lamar valleys. The endless attractions in the park make Yellow Stone an enthralling destination for you. Consider sturdy hiking boots, comfy jeans, sunglasses, and a rain jacket during this trip. Yellow Stone has unpredictable weather patterns; it could be sunny one minute and rainy the next.

5.    Golden Isles

Southern Georgia hosts the Golden Isles, a group of four islands near the mainland port city of Brunswick, where pristine beaches surround luxury resorts. A visit to North America during summer means extended time by the beach enjoying great weather, and other activities such as fishing, horseback riding, and great food.

If you’re after a scenic experiences, then the Golden Isles is the place for you. The four islands, including St. Simons Island, Sea Island, Jekyll Island, Little St., that make up the Golden Isles will make you want to choose this destination twice. Comfortable dress pants, shorts, and t-shirts would work well for you during this trip. Don’t forget your dancing shoes because the party never ends on this group of islands.

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Work Hard and Play Hard

Your work-life balance is critical. That’s why taking breaks to visit unique destinations is always a welcomed move. North America is one such worthwhile experience. Are you looking for a place to enjoy a break from your routine work schedule? Then these five destinations should be a great start for your bucket list.

I’m currently planning my next vacation spots and I’d love to hear your tips. Where should I travel next!? Please share them with me on my personal Instagram.

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