How To Plan A Pink Wedding Shower

If you’re a frequent reader of Empress Avenue, you’ll know that we love anything pink! To those of you who share the same appreciation, we have devoted an article to helping you create the perfect pink themed wedding shower! We’re here to give you fun and unique ideas for all the essential elements of your party. Don’t be alarmed though, if you are planning a simpler theme there are plenty of ideas from this article for you to splash some pink around your party to add a special touch without a pink-overload!


What better way than to celebrate a wedding shower by drinking a pink cocktail!? There are tons of fun and simple recipes for pink coloured drinks that would be sure to impress your guests. Pink drinks are also great for making virgin cocktails! Since they are often made with juices such as watermelon, raspberry, strawberry, or cranberry, the flavors end up being fresh and delicious without the alcohol. Want even more pink with your drink? Add some pink garnishes such as straws, cocktail umbrellas, or some Himalayan pink rock salt for glass rims if you’re making margaritas!


Party accessories are the little things that mean so much in terms of bringing your theme together. This includes everything from table decorations to flowers and candles to streamers or balloons! Anything you can think of to brighten up and fill the space with pops of different pink hues will make your party stunningly beautiful! Have fun while you’re at it and get creative with your accessories. For an inexpensive addition you can glam up simple accessories such as candles or centerpieces by adding pink jewels or glitter! Simple yet creative touches that you put together yourself will make your party unique and personal.

Image sourced from Bridal Shower Bliss

Image sourced from The Bridal Detective

Tasty Treats

If you want to complete your pink themed wedding shower a pink cake is a must! But why stop at the cake? Include an array of desserts that are fun, delicious, and add to your pink theme! Cookies and cupcakes are simple and loved by everyone, but try taking advantage of the natural flavor and coloring from pink fruits! A strawberry cheesecake or raspberry rhubarb pie will add a fresh and natural element in your perfectly pink party!

Party Favors

When deciding on what to include in your party favors try to imagine something that everyone (including yourself!) would love to get. Simple yet thoughtful is the way to approach this part of planning. A neutral pink nail polish looks great on everyone; accompanied by a mani/pedi gift card would be a gift every woman would adore. A pink scented candle to add some relaxation with a mini spa set (that includes pink bubble bath!) would be the perfect gift set to thank your guests for joining in your wedding shower celebration!

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