How To Write Sales Page Copy (That Converts)

If you’re reading this article, I’m going to guess that you have just spent months doing research, and you finally created an offer that you know in your heart will be perfect for your audience. Perhaps you’ve launched an ecommerce store, started a membership, an online course, or a new online business.

Whatever type of offer you might have, you’re ready to start telling your customers about it, and you have your marketing plan ready to execute! Download my planner to help you design your dream business.

Now, before you start marketing, you might be missing something that’s key to converting your customers into buyers…

You need to craft a compelling and strong sales page that reassures your customers (especially new website visitors) that you are an expert in your field and a well-respected business woman.

That’s a tremendous amount of responsibility to lay on a single page, but it’s necessary if you want enough conversions to expand your reach, attract new clients, and supply a steady stream of income.

In the Copywriting Playbook, you will learn how to write copy that won’t get your ad accounts shut down, and will have even the most skeptical people ready to buy!

Here is what you will learn in the Copywriting Playbook:

  • Craft offers so irresistible… Your readers will feel stupid NOT to buy.
  • Advertise anywhere, on any platform, anytime… profitably.
  • Take absolute control of your lead generation and customer acquisition and be at the mercy of no one… ever again.
  • Make more sales. You will also become loved, adored, and admired… and you may find yourself with so many new “fans” that your friends and family might start to wonder what you’re really doing on that computer.

However, it’s also about writing in a clear and cohesive way so the reader can follow what you’re saying… and it’s crystal clear what your offer is and how to order.

Download the copywriting playbook and get help selling your offers TODAY.

Now, this article is designed to assist you in writing your money-making sales page from top to bottom. Embrace the process, know that this sales page is the first impression your audience will receive about your offer, and choose your words wisely so you can guide your reader through a story straight to the buy button.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

Step One: Your Offer Headline

Think about the last time you read a sales page online. It doesn’t matter what the product was; just think back and remember what action you took after reading that headline. Did you read further down the page before buying or did you click away, never to go back again?

A well-crafted headline not only grabs attention, but it can also deliver a full message by using just a few words. Add in a few benefits to the reader in that headline and you’ll entice them to scroll down the page to further increase your chances of making a sale.

Step Two: Your Offer Description

Now that you’ve grabbed their attention with your headline that makes a promise, you need to keep the readers engaged in your copy so they keep scrolling down the page, convinced that YOUR offer is the answer to their prayers.

Consider the first two paragraphs of your sales page as teasers. You’re hinting a little bit about what your product can do for the reader, but you’re not giving away too much yet. Teasing your readers with strong copy will keep them on your page, reading and wanting more.

Offer hints of what your product or service can do and how your offer will make your readers’ lives better. This is where your market research comes into play. If you asked your audience what they needed PRIOR to creating your offer, you’ll be slightly ahead of the game. Now you can say loudly that you listened to their needs and you can highlight the benefits of your offer (product or service).

Following that business path alone will earn you credibility, but if you want these followers to become loyal buyers, follow through with an amazing product or service that your audience could only dream about.

If you are proud of your offer, your excitement will shine through every word of your sales copy, and will make creating videos, social media posts, and any other marketing tasks much easier because you truly love your offer.

Hoping your website visitors make the decision to buy isn’t taking action; creating strong and engaging sales copy that leads them to the buy button, is taking action toward your desired result. If you’re looking for help with your sales page copy, I recommend signing up for the Copywriting Playbook. You will receive a total value of $10,500 in training for only $1! No that’s not a typo, my friend Dave is practically giving this training away to our Fempreneur readers. This is a limited time opportunity, and I would recommend you sign up today.

Learn more about the Copywriting Playbook training here.

Step Three: Share The Result In A Personal Story

No matter how strong your sales copy is, nothing seals the deal more than a story showcasing how YOUR product or service changed someone’s life. Your audience wants to know how your offer will help them solve their problem. People generally want some ‘social proof’ before spending their hard-earned money, so find transformative stories that are inspiring.

Step Four: Share Testimonials To Highlight Benefits

What’s the difference between a testimonial and transformational, narrative story? Narratives focus on the end results of using your product, while testimonials talk about the benefits of your product.

In your narrative, your storyteller will share the results they experienced after purchasing your product or service and following your advice. Transformative results also yield lifelong positive results in other aspects of their life, which are important to highlight. Anyone reading your sales page should be inspired by these narratives and feel like the storyteller is speaking directly to them. The reader should be able to relate to the storyteller and feel like “if they can do it, so can I.”

Testimonials focus more on the individual benefits of your product and, more importantly, they reduce customer anxiety. You may encounter people who have never bought anything online before who are nervous about the prospect in general or you may find some readers who don’t really know you so they may be apprehensive about spending their money with you.

Step Five: Highlight Why They Need To Buy

Keep this thought at the back of your mind as your sales page comes into focus: now is NOT the time to be subtle. Be proud and be bold. TELL the reader exactly what your offer is, why they will benefit from buying your product or service, and tell them how to buy.

For example, in this article I’ve shared the Copywriting Playbook with you, and I’ve told you how to sign-up for the training by visiting this link. I’ve been very clear that this is the action I recommend you take to improve your sales page copywriting.

Don’t be afraid of using short, but engaging bullet points to list your product’s benefits. Bullet lists help to break up the sales copy, which is beneficial if your page is lengthy OR if your readers like to skim instead of read every word.

Don’t just make a list of benefits; utilize some creative copywriting in these bullets, further capturing the reader’s attention. You’re not just selling the benefits of your product; you’re selling the results that your customer will receive.

You have a short space to write a lot of information so choose your words wisely.

After reading this section of your sales page, your reader should know without a doubt exactly what your offer is, how she will benefit from your offer, and exactly what she’ll receive in return for making the purchase. If any of this isn’t clear after reading your page, hit the drawing board again. If you need help with this step, I would recommend joining the Copywriting Playbook training (it’s only $1).

Step Six: Create Your Call To Action

Last but not least, it’s time to create your Call to Action (CTA). Again, now is NOT the time to be subtle. If you want your readers to buy or download you must tell them to take that action, and make the button or link impossible to miss. Marketing experts agree that if your call to action isn’t strong enough, you’ll lose conversions, simply because your prospect wasn’t convinced or had a sliver of doubt about your offer.

Remind your customers about the benefits they’ll receive when they purchase, but also remind them of how their life will improve dramatically after using your product. Yes, you’ve mentioned this before on your sales page, but these benefits are well worth repeating.

With the Copywriting Playbook, you’re going to get the holy grail of marketing at your fingertips for only $1. Once you master this skill, you will be able to command customers into any offer, professional service, coaching program, or info-course that you want to sell. High-ticket and low-ticket. 

Have you honestly thought about what it would be like to have this much power at your fingertips?

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You’ll be amazed at your editing skills when you create a short, but concise CTA. Keeping the CTA brief yet strong makes your reader focus on the most important parts of your offer: the product or service itself and the benefits they will receive.

If you’re looking for help writing your sales page, my friend Dave is going to show YOU how to write copy that won’t get your ad accounts shut down, and will have even the most skeptical people ready to buy.

He is practically GIVING AWAY his best copywriting secrets, tips, and templates in the Copywriting Playbook, and I’m thrilled to share this training with you! I’ve learned a lot from Dave in his programs, and I believe that you will get a ton of value from joining his training. 

Why should you trust my opinion?

I’ve spent years studying online marketing and learning from many leading business owners. What worked in marketing a few years ago, doesn’t work today. You need to stay on top of marketing trends as a female entrepreneur to grow your sales and learn from others that have the brand success you desire.

I’m the Founder of the Organization of American Women in Public Relations and Canadian Women in Public Relations. In 2017, NASDAQ recognized me as a PR Influencer, and PR Week showcased how I’m helping women in my field succeed. I’ve worked with some of the largest brands in North America at my PR agency, Pink Pearl PR to help them get featured in high profile media outlets and grow their sales.

You can learn more about me on my personal website here:

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