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The Pink Pearl PR team interviewed the daring – and darling fashionista behind the blog Dash of Darling, Caitlin Lindquist. We are obsessed with her style and cannot, get enough of her drool-worthy outfits. Not one to shy away from a fashion risk, Caitlin has an affinity for bold colors (hello red!) prints, and loud (but of course, feminine) jewelry, but you don’t see us complaining. That’s because Caitlin lives and breathes the sentiment that: “confidence is key”; her belief (and we wholeheartedly agree) is that if you feel good, and love yourself in what you’re wearing, you will undoubtedly look fabulous.

An international traveler and graduate of The University of San Diego School of Law, Caitlin is happy to call California home (she recently moved from sunny San Diego to even sunnier Phoenix), and share her beauty, health and style picks through her amazing blog.

Read our interview to learn more about Caitlin!

What was your inspiration for starting your blog? – While incessantly browsing Pinterest for wedding planning inspiration I discovered the fashion blogosphere and fell in love. What a fun way to express your passion and creativity! I have always been an avid fashion-obsessed gal ever since my mom started taking me on shopping excursions at age 4. So after a year of debating on whether or not to start my own, I finally gained the courage to go after what I wanted. But what started as an escape from the rigors of law school has blossomed into my passion. I hope to continue to post my daily style adventures and grow my blog as I go.

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What sets your blog apart from other culture or lifestyle based blogs? – My blog expresses my own unique style, experiences, and perspectives on not only fashion but also on my every day adventures from beauty to food and health to fitness. All I can be is me and perhaps there are some girls out there who can identify with my vibe. My blog is aimed at them.

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What type of content is most popular with your readers?- I mostly post my daily personal style and have found this to be most popular with my readers. In today’s technology-driven world, people enjoy getting things quicker. If they are looking for a little daily style inspiration it helps to have several photos they can quickly scroll through.

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What does a day in your blog life look like?- Now that I am officially done with law school I have chosen to tackle blogging full-time because it is what I enjoy most and am truly passionate about. I used to have to blog in my spare time (which was really non-existent) but now I am able to wake up, get in my daily work out, sit down and answer emails, grab a quick lunch, prepare tomorrow’s post, and squeeze in a photo shoot here and there before snuggling up with my husband on the couch after he gets home from work. All in all I’d say a day in the life of Caitlin isn’t too shabby!

“blogging… is what I enjoy most and am truly passionate about.”

Is running your own blog as glamorous as it sounds? Why or why not? – 
Running my own blog is certainly enjoyable as I get to do what I love every day. But don’t be fooled, it is a lot of work. Between styling, photographing and editing photos I am answering hundreds of daily emails (mostly while sitting on the couch in my PJ’s).

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How would you describe your personal style, and who are your biggest style inspirations? – I have decided that two words sum up my style perfectly: boldly feminine. Even when I was little I gravitated towards a dress or skirt that had “twirlability”. To this day I am still a girly-girl at heart when it comes to fashion and love a good fit and flare, but my style has also evolved to include a bit more edge. I love to take risks and be a bit more bold by mixing pieces, prints, and fabrics together that you normally wouldn’t see.

What are your favourite stores to shop at for the perfect outfit? – If I am shopping for a dress or jeans I love to check out Shopbop, Nordstrom, or Net-a-Porter because they always have a great selection of the brands and designers I know and love with fast and easy shipping (and free returns). If I have my eye on a certain designer that might be out of my budget I love to check out The Outnet for designer deals and steals with outlet prices! And lastly, for a quick and easy outfit I love popping into J.Crew where you can easily recreate a Jenna Lyons preppy-chic ensemble because their items are all made to go together! It makes putting together outfits oh-so-nice.

“… be confident in your brand and don’t shy away from reaching out…”

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What is your favourite travel hot spot? What items do you not leave behind? – This depends on where I am headed. In New York I love to visit the Hudson Hotel for their modern vibe and urban lounges. My husband and I also visited Europe and we loved relaxing in the beautiful Tuscan towns. I definitely love the slower-paced vibe of Italy. But when I am traveling, I can’t leave home without some comfy flats to tour the cities with and my trusty camera to snap up all our memories.

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Can you offer any advice for new bloggers or entrepreneurs looking to promote their business? – My advice for new bloggers would be to not be afraid to put yourself out there. It can definitely be a little scary putting your life out there on the internet for the world to see and judge… but you just need to be yourself and if it makes you happy, then I say dive on in girl! If you are looking to promote your business, then be confident in your brand and don’t shy away from reaching out to brands and fellow bloggers. You never know who may be able to help you along the way.

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