Amita Bhalla, Artist and Physician

Amita Bhalla has paved her own unique path in the jewelry community by crafting pieces inspired by her travels. Bhalla is the artist and founder of Amita Bhalla, unique handcrafted jewelry.

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While Bhalla has succeeded as an artist, she began her career in the medical field. In 1998, Bhalla made the move to the United States to pursue research at Duke Univeristy. Her time at Duke University ignited a passion in her to work with the brain. Soon after, she started her residency in neurology and later a fellowship in sleep medicine. 

About 20 years later, another passion was ignited in Bhalla: art. She decided to join the art scene in Houston and not long after was asked to contribute to a project in Italy. This project was the first step to her career as an artist. 

Bhalla began her art career quickly after her transformational trip to Italy. Her goal was to draw inspiration from the places she has traveled and fully embody it’s natural beauty through art. 

Today, Bhalla labels herself as “the artist” of Amita Bhalla jewelry. She continues using beautiful places as the inspiration behind her special and distinctive pieces. The purpose behind Amita Bhalla jewelry is to signify the power and beauty of a dynamic woman.

Name: Amita Bhalla
Business: Amita Bhalla
Title: Founder & Artist
Education: Duke University, Neurology and Sleep Medicine
Location: Friendswood, Texas

(Fempreneur) How would you define success?

(Bhalla) Success for me is feeling joy in my heart. Happiness is always the goal for me – but my ultimate goal is bliss and joy. Whether that’s being a mother, wife artist, or physician. I just want to feel true happiness. 

(Fempreneur) Give us the ‘inside scoop’ – what does a day in your business life look like?

(Bhalla) As a professional I wear two hats of a physician and an artist. I’m busy most days being a physician mostly focusing on patient care. The days I focus on my art are just as important. I try and carve out as much as I can to focus on my creative work in my at-home studio. 

(Fempreneur) What types of customers are in your business ‘pink book’ and who are you looking to connect with?

(Bhalla) I’m looking to connect with the person who appreciates my art. This person is someone who is seeking inner peace and joy in their life. Also, the person who finds joy in connecting with other people. I want my creations to inspire others to unleash their creativity. I hope that my journey as a physician as well inspires others to chase their dreams — and that creativity and medicine can co-exist. 

(Fempreneur) If you were not doing this job, what is your plan B? Are you still chasing your dream job?

(Bhalla) For me, being a mother is the most important job on the planet. Ultimately, being a mother is my plan A. So being a physician and an artist are my plan B and I’m so happy to be able to work on all of this on a daily basis. 

(Fempreneur) Do you think it’s important to love what you do, or make good money?

(Bhalla) I think it’s crucial to feel fulfilled in whatever we do. Having said that, most of us have an eye for making money. However, the key is to find jobs in the little things you do, it’s important to find joy in the mundane tasks. Our career journey takes us through many back alleys and leads us to the real foundation of our life — to that thing that really fulfills us. When work  doesn’t seem like work the money naturally flows in. 

(Fempreneur) Is owning your own business as glamorous as it sounds? 

(Bhalla) Oh no! It’s not. It’s a lot of tears, sweat, and joy. It’s a daily grind, not in a bad way, it’s just a lively hustle. The work doesn’t end after 5 or on the weekends, but I find it gratifying because I love what I do. 

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(Fempreneur) What inspired you to start your own business? What made you decide to take the leap?

(Bhalla) In 2018, I entered the art scene in Houston and was invited to work on a project in Italy. This when I decided to launch my collection, it helped me realize that this was something I enjoyed doing. Ever since then, traveling has been pivotal in helping me create all my pieces that I hope can become heirlooms to people. 

(Fempreneur) What are your tips for setting yourself apart in the workplace?

(Bhalla) I have found that in my early jobs expressing one’s ideas is crucial. When we are new to a job or field, it can sometimes be uncomfortable to share what we really think but people want to hear your ideas. I love to hear new ideas from my team — especially those that challenge my ideas and offer me a new perspective. Don’t be afraid and find that self confidence!

(Fempreneur) How do you achieve work/ life balance? How do you unplug?

(Bhalla) I find ways to carve out time to do what I love, especially after a long day at work, I’m happy to come home and spend time with my children. Having a home studio has also been so helpful in encouraging me to find more time for myself. I think just finding small pockets in your day to do something small for yourself like buying a coffee, goes a long way. 

(Fempreneur) Where do you manufacture your products? How did you source the correct manufacturer?

(Bhalla) Well all my jewelry creations are handmade in my home studio so I don’t particularly deal with a manufacturer. While in my home studio, I use molds and stamps to help me create pieces. The clay that I do use, I get from all over the world. I do also try to look for products that are organic and sustainable. The gemstones I use are usually found around my travels — so they tend to be unique.  When I’m traveling for work, I tend to sketch a lot and use whatever local products they have available. Such as my new Murano Collection, I learned how to blow glass through a glass master in Murano, Italy. 

(Fempreneur) What are your plans for expansion?

(Bhalla) Currently with my jewelry business, I am looking forward to having my items in boutiques in different parts of the world. I see my jewelry being sold at stores that value handmade products and artists’ journey. As a physician, my husband and I (who is also a physician) — we hope to expand our locations and add more diagnostic procedures to our facility. 

(Fempreneur) What is your favorite product/ service for female entrepreneurs?

(Bhalla) I’m so busy most days and really need some “help” to get small tasks done. Something that recently has been a game changer for me is this group of women in my neighborhood who serve as task helpers for hire. I wanted to thank my team at the clinic for their help and I used this service to order 35 Starbucks drinks.  They delivered all orders on time and at the perfect temperature — my team was so happy and so was I! I’m so thankful for services that make life a little easier. 

(Fempreneur) What books do you find inspiring for building your business as a female entrepreneur? 

(Bhalla) I tend to gravitate toward books that guide me to find my soul’s purpose and books that help me understand my journey. I’m currently reading The Seat Of The Soul by Gary Zukav. It talks about how our emotional reactions are projections of wounds that happened decades ago. It’s already taking me down a fruitful journey — reopening old wounds is never fun but necessary for growth.


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