3 Steps To A Relaxing Staycation in Vancouver, B.C.

Headed over to British Columbia? It would be a shame to miss out on Vancouver’s tantalizing food, vibrant lifestyle, and picturesque geographies surrounding the region. If your creativity has taken a dip and you want a spot-on guide to getting you around the city, here’s a three-step brief on getting the most out of your staycation in Vancouver, no matter how short your duration is! 

For family day, we decided to take a quick break close to home and enjoy a fun evening at the Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver. In this post, I’m sharing a few photos from our stay and some tips for your own trip to my hometown.

Step 1: Explore Gastown 

Gastown is the oldest inhabited neighborhood of Vancouver. It goes back to the late 19th century, with its Victorian architecture reminiscent of the various cultural evolutions that the British Columbians have lived through. In Gastown, you can have a look at the archaic Gastown Steam Clock, the Gassy Jack Statue, and then head over to the Vancouver Aquarium and Vancouver Art Gallery. Electric Harbour Tours and Grouse Mountain are also other staple destinations for tourists visiting Gastown! 

Step 2: Relax in the Pan Pacific Vancouver 

Once you’ve had your dose of culture, art, and architecture, it’s time to let yourself relax at the expense of the luxuries that Pan Pacific Vancouver has to offer. You can pick any of the several waterfront hotels and resorts in the area, or if you’re already booked into a hotel, then that’ll save you from the high rents during open seasons!

Pan Pacific Vancouver is a region with an upbeat lifestyle, so once you’re done lounging in your hotel room, you can head over to the fine-diners, shopping centers or head over to the Pubic Market or Vancouver’s Anthropology Museum for a laid-back staycation. 

Step 3: Hike Up the Cypress Mountain 

Cypress Mountain is arguably Vancouver’s most popular recreational facility for people of different ages. However, you’ll need to pre-book your spot for any of the five trails that go across the mountain at various times, through multiple terrains, and with different difficulty levels.

The Cypress Mountain management oversees the following trails: 

  • Bowen Lookout and Saint Marks Summit via Howe Sound Crest Trail 
  • Eagleridge Bluffs via Black Mountain Trail 
  • Black Mountain and Cabin Lake 
  • Saint Marks Summit 
  • Hollyburn Peak via Winter Access Trail Loop 

Each of these trails heads to different areas and has spectacular views to offer!

Besides hiking, the mountain also has other recreations, including disc golf and geocaching, to entertain visitors. 

Vancouver is a splendid city by all means, but if your staycation is packed with other activities, then these three places can help you fill in all the major attractions for a quick city trip.

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