Rustic Cabin Winter Getaway Near Whistler

Winter in the city certainly brings its own sense of charm and excitement – at least for a few weeks. However, as the months of cold and gray skies linger, and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season comes and goes, urban life can start to feel claustrophobic and overwhelming.

Soon, you might find yourself daydreaming of escaping to a tropical beach with coconut drinks and sunshine, but you’re also not the only one. That’s why tropical vacations skyrocket in both price and popularity during the wintertime. Luckily, there’s another option for a wintery getaway – a mountain retreat (just look at those peaks)!

In fact, this is one of my favourite ways to relax and unplug away from all of life’s distractions. As a busy public relations professional, my phone is always ringing, so the opportunity to step away from the office and enjoy the great outdoors is refreshing.

I’m also sharing some photos from our getaway at our very own cabin near Whistler (that my husband built). It’s a project that we continue to work on every year, and it’s amazing to own this mountain retreat. When we bought the property, it was just a piece of bare land, and now it’s become an amazing escape from the city that we get to share with our friends and family! You can see more cabin photos on my personal Instagram.

Here’s why I think that you should consider spending some time at a rustic mountain cabin to rejuvenate your soul during the winter season.


Picture this – you sit down by a warm fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate by your side. A fresh blanket of twinkling snow falls outside atop the alpine trees and distant mountaintops as you snuggle in to read that book you’ve been meaning to, or watch your children play with toys instead of watching television.

No honking cars (maybe just toy trains), no crowded tropical buffet lines – just you among the peace and quiet. Sounds okay, right?


The quiet of the mountains offers you the perfect opportunity to spend time with yourself, whether you want to work on a passion project, focus on your mental health, meditate, or escape from the distractions of everyday city life in another way.

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Even if you decide to spend your trip with loved ones, the privacy of a rustic cabin will help you to stay more present as you decompress together.

Mountain Life

The mountains come with their own set of activities, such as snowy hikes, skiing, sledding, and hot tubbing. You may also enjoy a night in town, such as in Whistler, B.C. A true Canadian experience, it’s a quaint village surrounded by picturesque snowy mountains, shops, restaurants, bars, lavish resorts and rustic log cabins, like ours.

Ride the gondola to the top of the glacier mountain for a world class view of the village. Ski down the slopes on top of fresh snow through Canadian fir trees and feel a serenity that is second to none. Go for a unique experience for skiers and non skiers alike; unwind with a glass of wine and soak up some Canadian luxury!

Mountain towns host a range of unique local restaurants, bars, and events, which can add variety to those comfy cabin nights. Here are a few other lists of some of the best mountain towns in the US, Canada, and Europe.


Often, you’ll find a variety of cabins for rent in a given area, many of which will have different amenities and atmospheres from which you can choose. Regardless of your preference, cabins in general typically offer more space, convenience, and comfort than you might find when staying at a hotel.

To the Mountains!

If you’re looking for a calming getaway to clear your head and fill your heart, a rustic mountain cabin is a perfect choice. Don’t worry, the city with all its sounds and smells will be waiting for you when you get back.

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