What To Do In Pemberton – British Columbia

Nestled 100 miles north of Vancouver amidst the dramatic sprawl of the Coast Mountains, Pemberton, British Columbia may be the most enchanting destination you’ve never heard of (and we’re lucky to have a cabin in the area).

With green pastures and shimmering blue lakes peppering the landscape between its white-tipped peaks, Pemberton looks nothing short of a fairytale. The only difference between a fairytale and this setting? You can actually visit here.

As a busy public relations professional, my phone is always ringing, so the opportunity to step away from the office and enjoy the great outdoors is refreshing.

If you’re interested in a quaint retreat to the countryside and mountains, check out the guide below to see why Pemberton is the perfect spot for you.

North Arm Farm

Take in the landscape (literally) at North Arm Farm, where you can pick strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries in beautiful green fields overlooked by towering mountains. If you have kids, they will love feeding the farm animals.

The grounds of North Arm also feature colorful botanical gardens and a country market for a midday snack. So charming is the experience that weddings and special events are hosted here year-round in farm’s main barn.

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Gates Lake

For those who like to stay active during vacation, visit the nearby Gates Lake for camping, hiking, fishing, swimming, and kayaking fun. When it’s time for a rest, sit back and enjoy lakeside vistas that would make even Lake Como blush.

Pemberton Village

A cozy community camouflaged amidst the surrounding natural beauty, Pemberton Village is home to snug cabins, delectable dining, and local shopping.

Here, you’ll find a community welcoming of tourists and eager to share its arts, recommend excursions, and include guests in its social events. To learn more about Pemberton Village, see their town website here.


For whatever mystical reason, beer tasted better in the mountains, and the mountains of Pemberton are no exception. That’s why you’ll quickly learn upon visiting about the popularity of its local breweries, Pemberton Brewing Co. and The Beer Farmers, as well as its craft distillery, Pemberton Distillery.

Each of these beverage creators offers daily tastings of their specialty creations influenced by the surrounding landscape. And just like everywhere else in Pemberton, the scenery is astonishing at all of the locations.


We’ve discussed opportunities to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Pemberton, but it deserves further mention. Pemberton offers hundreds of hiking trails to choose from, as well as at least five other notable lakes to visit in addition to Gates Lake.

Just remember, bears are not meant for petting.

Get Off the Grid

Pemberton provides an excellent escape from the bustle of daily life to a wholesome country getaway. Camera strongly encouraged – no filters necessary. You can see more cabin photos on my personal Instagram.

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