How to Beat the Winter Blues As a Female Entrepreneur

The weather is getting colder, the days are getting shorter, and your to-do list is only getting longer. It’s common for many female entrepreneurs to feel the effects of the winter blues.

You may experience fatigue, sadness, and difficulty concentrating. Luckily, all it takes to get some winter motivation are a few lifestyle modifications.

Eat Well

It can be very tempting to eat heavy comfort food during the winter. Especially when most of the hours in your day are spent in an office. However, eating healthier can help balance your mood and beat depression.

Including protein at breakfast, lunch, and dinner can enhance your mood as it contains higher levels of dopamine and norepinephrine. You should also consume foods high in vitamin D, as one meta-analysis found people with low vitamin D have a greater risk of depression.

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Get Your Rest

As a female entrepreneur, there are never enough hours in the day. Your to-do list never seems to end, and the working day quickly turns into a night shift. However, our hormone production is disrupted when we fail to get regular sleep and heightens the winter blues.

To enhance your mood, you should:

  • Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day
  • Follow a simple bedtime routine
  • Get some sunlight as soon as you wake up
  • Sleep in a cool, dark room
  • Don’t use electronics in your bedroom
  • Write all of your worries in a notebook before bed

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Stay Active

The colder months make us all want to climb into bed and get under the covers. Going outside to do exercise is the last thing on our minds, but being active for just 20 minutes six days a week is enough to revitalize your mood.

Whether you enjoy walking, running, strength training, or stretching. Getting out in the sunlight for a few minutes a day can reduce the winter blues. You can split your exercise around your day. Hit the gym on your lunch break or take a walk at the beginning and end of your day.

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Seek Help

If nothing seems to beat the winter blues, it may be time to talk to a professional, such as a psychologist or life coach that works specifically with female entrepreneurs. Female wellness is never more critical than in the colder months. No one needs to suffer alone, so confide in a therapist or a trusted friend to help you through the tough times.

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