Video Discussion – How to Show More Confidence in Your Career As A Mom

The one quality that has the most influence on your career success is confidence. You are more likely to land your dream job, pitch a new client or even start a new organization if you feel confident in your own abilities.

Bottom line: to achieve success in life and in your career, you need to have confidence in your own abilities.


Here are 5 ways you can show more confidence and boost your career:

  1. Be a constant learner. As the saying goes “knowledge is power” and the more you know about your profession, the more confident you will feel in your abilities. Learn through industry research, become aware of online courses and events to keep you up-to-date.
  2. Establish your personal vision for success. If you are clear on what your future career looks like, you will be able to take measurable objectives to establish your goals. When you take daily action, and can view your progress, your confidence will increase as you experience mini successes.
  3. Package yourself for success. Dressing for the career you envision communicates your knowledge and abilities to those around you. If you are a business owner, always dress to emulate your client’s company image. If you are meeting with a high level CEO, choose a powerful suit to carry yourself with confidence and level the playing field. If you are meeting with a casual start-up, dress the part and always research the company culture beforehand to see what fits best.
  4. Surround yourself with a community of successful business women (or men!). When you have a positive support network and a platform to bounce ideas off of, your confidence will soar. It’s always inspiring to see other women succeed in business and learn how you can match that success.
  5. Reflect on your accomplishments. Take a moment to celebrate your business successes and give yourself a confidence boost. It can be easy to forget all of the progress you’ve made and the impact you’ve had on your career between the noise of daily activity.



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