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Xenia-Amirah has a true passion for fashion. Enamored by the industry at the tender age of 5, Xenia has made it her life’s focus to turn her love of fashion into a successful career. Get to know her at Fashion Xensation where she reveals her beauty picks, glamorous sense of style, as well as her favorite articles. Only in her first semester at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Xenia is ahead of the game. And how can we forget to mention our shared love of glitter and pink! Empress Avenue chats with Xenia!

What was your inspiration for starting your blog? What was your initial vision for your blog?– The inspiration behind my blog was the fact that I had so much to say and nowhere no say it! I needed an outlet to express what I was feeling about everything fashion + beauty + entertainment. Thus, FashionXensation.com was born!

My initial vision for my blog was basically a ‘no judgement zone’. On my blog I do not tell people what to wear, what not to wear, or try to define what ‘style’ is. Fashion is like art. Your body is your canvas, clothing is your paint, and your hands are your instruments. You know the saying ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’? I believe that style/fashion is in the eye of the beholder. Who am I to tell you what is stylish and what’s not? I can only share with my viewers what products I use, what I like to wear, I also get sent products to try out, etc. I tell my viewers about the trends and must haves. I cover fashion events and New York Fashion Week! So I share those experiences with my readers too. I have always been obsessed with Carrie Bradshaw, so whenever I’m updating the blog I’m having my Carrie Bradshaw moment in my head, haha. Visually, I love pink and glitter so I made sure to incorporate that in the look of the blog.

Your body is your canvas, clothing is your paint, and your hands are your instruments.

What sets your blog apart from other culture or lifestyle based blogs?– I believe that my blog is different because I blog about my experiences. I talk about where I’ve been, what I’m doing, and where I want to go. I’m humble. I do the work. I network, and I make the connections I need to get the invitations. I also make sure to send a thank you after every event because I do realize that I am lucky to make the list of some of the events that I’ve covered.

Speaking of events, the biggest difference between my blog and a few others is that I attend a lot of events, and I experience fashion first hand then share it with my readers. I take my own photos, and I can give a genuine review because I was present. Some bloggers just blog from behind the computer and don’t get to experience a lot of the things they blog about in person. I obviously haven’t gotten the opportunity to go to EVERY fashion event out there, so I’m not saying that if you don’t attend that you can’t form an opinion of a collection based off of the photos/video coverage from the show. I’m just saying that there are so many bloggers or fashion lovers that judge SO harshly when it comes to New York Fashion Week that you would swear that they were in attendance! Haha. Being fortunate enough to attend, I respect the hard work, sweat and tears the every designer puts into their collection. They are so vulnerable and their putting their creations on display to be judged and I think that if some bloggers were fortunate enough to attend some of the shows, they wouldn’t be so harsh in their critique. The still picture after the fact doesn’t tell the bigger story of the collection. I’m an aspiring fashion designer myself, so I understand how vulnerable you are when you put your creations out there.

Fashion is whatever you look good in and feel good in…

One last difference is that I like high-end clothing, like every fashionista but on my blog I make a point not to make my readers feel inferior if they don’t have designer clothing. If I like a blouse I’m going to like it because it’s a nice blouse, not because it’s a designer blouse. There are so many bloggers that dedicate their blogs to blogging about $600 blouses, $4,000 shoes, and $1,000 dresses that they themselves aren’t even wearing. When you look at the outfit posts of the blogger, you’ll see that they are wearing regular clothes. I have no issues with posting items that are on your ‘wish list’ or clothes that you saw your favorite celeb wearing, but I wouldn’t make a point to only post about expensive/designer things. Fashion is whatever you LOOK good in and FEEL good in!

What type of content fits with your targeted audience?- Fashion event coverage and New York Fashion Week!

What does a day in the life of you and your blog look like?– It varies from time to time. I am guilty of not blogging as much as I should, but that will soon change!! For example, it’s August, but us bloggers are in full September mode because we’re preparing for NYFW. It’s busy! I’m answering and sending out a lot of emails, phone calls, etc. It’s August, but I have a couple things set up for the Fall.

Is running your own blog as glamorous as it sounds? Why or why not?- It may sound glamorous but it’s a lot of grunt work. So many people think that everyone that works in the fashion industry has such an easy job, everything is just a party. I actually saw a tweet on my TL the other day, and the person was like “oh please, how hard could it be to just go to parties/events and talk about it?” There definitely is a glamorous side to it! You get to attend some fabulous parties/events (some you can blog about, others you can’t), and of course it’s really nice to get a text from someone & they’re inviting you to their event, just because. There’s so much more to it! It’s fun, hard work, but a lot of fun.

I am the glitter queen, so I definitely incorporate a lot of glitter/crystals into my wardrobe!

How would you describe your personal style, and who are your biggest style inspirations? Why?– I would describe my personal style as chic and sophisticated. I’m aware of the trends, but I don’t follow all of them. I keep them in mind, they are guidelines but they aren’t an absolute must. I am the glitter queen, so I definitely incorporate a lot of glitter/crystals into my wardrobe!

My biggest style inspiration would have to be my idol, Beyonce Knowles-Carter. Need I say more? Haha. I’ve always admired Beyonce’s style. She always looks like she’s just easy breezy, she doesn’t try extra hard to look stylish.. she just is. My second style inspiration would have to be Jennifer Lopez. She sets the trend! The thing that I like both about Beyonce and J.Lo is that they’re not afraid to try new things. They love to accessorize (as do I) and once again, J. Lo loves glitter too. I had the wonderful experience of meeting both of these ladies and their stylists and they’re so nice. Those are my style inspirations!! xo

What are your favourite stores to shop at for the perfect outfit?– Honestly, I shop everywhere. Good fashion is not limited by price, or brand. I love clothing, and I find style anywhere. I’m really obsessed with Macy’s right now, I love my One Day sale and my extra 20% coupons! Haha! I do a lot of online shopping, boutiques are your friends ladies. But other than that, I shop everywhere..

Be realistic, it’s going to take a lot of work. Don’t be afraid to put in the time, the outcome will be amazing.


What is your favourite travel hot spot? What items do you not leave behind?- Miami!! Miami, South Beach is my favorite travel hot spot, the Fontainebleau is my second home. I’ve been vacationing there since I was 5 years old, it was there that I learned the greatest phrase ever “charge it to the room” LOL!! I also love the Bahamas, the Atlantis is beautiful. I never leave behind my swimsuits, several. I think that when I’m going on vacation the hardest thing is to bring less than like 15 bathing suits lol!! I have so many. My must have list for vaca is: a few pairs of sunglasses, my best beach bag, a great sunblock, my ipod filled with new music for the plane ride there.

Can you offer any advice for new bloggers or entrepreneurs looking to promote their business?- Be realistic, it’s going to take a lot of work. Don’t be afraid to put in the time, the outcome will be amazing. Celebrate the yes’s, but don’t let the no’s discourage you. I’ve turned a few no’s into yes’s because sometimes it’s okay to fire back! Best wishes. Don’t forget to check out Xenia at Fashion Xensation!

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