Pursuit 365 Book Launch: International Women’s Day 2021

This International Women’s Day 2021, I am thrilled to take part in an incredible book called Pursuit365, along with several of my fellow female entrepreneurs and women in public relations. 

The book is co-authored by 365 Canadian women, from all walks of life including Jann Arden, Bif Naked, Tosca Reno, Celebrity Stylist Kim Appelt, Talia Beckett Davis (that’s me!) and many more, who lead by example in the every-day pursuit of success, happiness, and achievement.

Every day in 2021 the book features one of the 365 Canadian women and their inspiring story. The book will be officially published March 8th for International Women’s Day. You can buy your copy from Amazon here.

A project born of the desire to elevate women’s stories across the country in a moment in time when we need it most.

It epitomizes the strength and unity we can achieve when we come together, share and listen. In a moving testimony of humanity, this project portrays stories of hope, raw emotion, and relatability.

From loss and heartbreak, to success, fulfillment, and happiness, this project epitomizes the indomitable strength and hope of women.

The book showcases encouraging words of wisdom, motivating success stories, and inspiring initiatives to applaud. Women are drivers for progress and when we celebrate the successes of one another, we are all elevated. This phenomenal group of women are beacons for us to learn from, aspire to, and celebrate every day of the year.

In a year we have multiple formal opportunities to celebrate the incredible women in our lives, so why not take the time to celebrate them every day of the year? That’s what pursuit: 365 is all about – celebrating women who pursue excellence and lead by example in their communities and beyond.

Here’s to the pursuit of inspiration, motivation, perspiration, and celebration! I am honoured to be part of this project and share my success story.

Along with my business story, I share my tips to help you establish yourself online in a crowded marketplace, and create an online presence that will get you noticed, fast. 

Read my story here.

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