5 Tips For Women To Prepare For Your Dream Job Interview

You’ve searched through websites scanning for that dream job, the one that will help you start your career. You’ve sent out your resume and tailored your cover letter to each job description posted, and now you’ve landed an interview. Success!

A job interview can be daunting and drawn out, however it can also be an important time to leave a lasting impression on the person sitting across from you. Sure, it sounds stressful, which is why we have listed some key steps to help you be prepared and make a lasting first impression.

Know the Job

There is nothing worse for an interviewer than to interview someone who doesn’t fully understand the position they have applied for. It is so important to read over the job requirements and memorize the job description carefully. Think about the skills you may have from previous positions that can be beneficial and will add value to the company. It is also smart to come prepared with examples of how you have executed such skills and how you created resolutions in the past.

Research the Company

There is so much more to hiring someone than just ensuring they are qualified for the job. Most companies these days follow a culture and lead with a strong mission statement. Memorize these and live by them. Any extra curricular activities that you have partaken in that align with these values are important to highlight in your interview. Not only do employers want to ensure that you are qualified, but they also want to hire someone who fits with their corporate culture and current team.

Understanding an organization’s values carries extreme importance. Pay close attention to any charities they may work with or contribute to, and highlight your knowledge appropriately in the interview.

Come with Questions

Preparing questions prior to your interview allows for a conversation that is not one sided. Asking questions that show your enthusiasm or future plans in the company show the interviewer that you are invested and committed. It is also a great time to show off some knowledge and show that you have taken the time necessary to become educated on the organization.

Check out the Interviewer 

Scanning through the social media channels of important figures of the organization or researching their work gives you the opportunity to create personal dialogue. This will help you prepare more questions and carry out a conversation.

Show up Early

Your interviewer’s time is important, and there are tons of people who would love the chance to get an interview. Showing up early highlights that you are professional and have strong time management skills. Do not arrive late for an interview!

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