How A Marketing Plan Skyrocketed My Success

Before you start your business, you need to develop your business plan. Even if this is just a few sentences to get you started before you formulate your larger plan. When I first came up with the idea for Pink Pearl PR, I wrote my business idea on a cocktail napkin sitting in a pub in Cardiff, Wales! Once I had my business idea, I researched the competitive landscape to determine how my products and services could fill a void in the market. My niche industry for my public relations services is baby, kids and women’s lifestyle brands. I also sell a collection of e-books, planners and how-to-courses in marketing.

When you are developing your own business plan, you would brainstorm product ideas and make a plan based on where you want to end up. In essence, in order for you to know where your business needs to go, you need a roadmap. That’s why you create a business plan. The same goes for every aspect of your business, including marketing. In fact, having a clear and thorough marketing plan is essential if you want to maximize your marketing efforts and make the most of your precious resources.

Before I had a marketing plan, I felt very unorganized and I wasn’t attracting my ideal client. Once I put together my detailed marketing plan, my success skyrocketed!

Think about it this way: your business’s marketing plan is part of your overall business plan. You wouldn’t run your business without a plan right!? A business plan covers every aspect of your business, while your marketing plan deals with only marketing. Your marketing plan includes everything from the analyses of your market, your business, and your products, to your marketing goals and the strategies that will help you reach those goals. This also includes your public relations, social media and communications strategy.

There are many benefits to creating and maintaining a working marketing plan. Once you have one, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it! If you want to create a marketing plan for your business with my guidance and learn from my mistakes, the Public Relations Academy includes a marketing plan template with detailed instructions to help you set up your plan.

Here are some reasons a solid marketing plan has been so essential to my business success (and how it will help skyrocket your business!): 

Adapt To Economic Changes: If you have a good marketing plan in place, it’s easy to alter your marketing strategy and tactics when required. Every market and industry changes, and you may have to tweak your strategy in order to keep up with these changes. With a solid marketing plan, I have been able to easily evaluate new opportunities that emerge. My marketing plan has allowed me to shift my strategy accordingly and stay on track toward my business goals.

Build On Your Business Goals: A good marketing plan helps you better achieve your business goals. It puts all of the parts together so that you can implement your plan more easily. It ensures that your efforts will be rewarding and your money spent in the best way possible. A marketing plan puts together and presents all of the important data you need to make decisions regarding your marketing, which is the core of any business’s success. For example, one of my marketing goals was to create a community around my personal and business brand. Once I implemented a few key marketing strategies, I was able to do this effectively.

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Keep Your Team On Track: Like your business plan, a marketing plan keeps everyone on the same page. When I hire a new team member, they use the marketing plan summary I created to take in my overall strategy at a glance. The same goes for new business partners and investors. You can easily see where you’ve been, where you are now and where you’re going. This helps you build on your success, year after year!

Get A Fresh Perspective: When you get the marketing ideas inside your head onto paper, you have a chance to see them with a fresh perspective. With everything clearly spelled out, you may notice gaps or weaknesses in your plan that you hadn’t noticed before. A marketing plan gives you a view of the big picture, and more control over your business. It’s been absolutely essential for the growth of my business and I’d love to help you with your marketing plan in the Public Relations Academy.

Finally, remember that content is an essential part of any public relations and marketing plan. Your content is what brings new people into your orbit, builds a relationship with your audience, and establishes you as an expert in your field. Download this free planner to plan your content strategy in the next 72 hours. Inside the planner, you will get some of the key steps to getting organized with your content so you can start seeing the results you want.

Join the Public Relations Academy to take your creative ideas and put them into a systematic plan to help you deliver the content you need to succeed. You can also sign-up for our one-on-one coaching monthly strategy calls. 

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