A Guide For Mom Bloggers: How I Created a Blog as an Authentic Extension of My Brand

When I first started blogging in January 2013, I tried to be something I thought my readers wanted. But this wasn’t me. Once I revealed my true self and connected my personal blog with my business brand, I was able to grow a more loyal readership. I had something very unique to share with my audience, but I was holding back and doing my readers a disservice by not showing them the real me.

Authenticity comes from sharing my personal experiences and my personal tastes with my network. I never post about a product or service I wouldn’t use myself. This extends to my own business as well. I never promote a product that doesn’t fit with my brand – luxury female marketing. In fact, I’m promoting new products through our Pink Book: Brand Spotlight program.

I have some of the best blog readers on the planet! They give me honest feedback and they are constantly surprising me. I’m making real connections. That in itself is authentic. I interact with my readers on Twitter, Facebook and Google+Instagram, sometimes. I’ve also started compiling some “secret posts” exclusively for my email subscribers. These are a bit more personal and if I get a positive response, I will post them for everyone at a later date.

I blog about things that inspire me and this translates into inspiration for my readers. Readers can really tell if your heart is in something or not. In fact, I can tell. If it’s not wholehearted, it isn’t authentic.

I’m constantly learning about my audience and I’ve just launched a reader survey to find out what truly resonates. In exchange for this feedback, I’m giving away a monthly prize – a fabulous surprise from a selection of products I’ve reviewed on my blog.

When I look at my monthly analytics report, I get excited to see how many returning visitors are on my blog. I love this type of reader; they get me as a writer. I feel as though we are having a real conversation because they are returning to learn more. This reader is finding value in the information I’m sharing. This is one of the best compliments I can receive.

Being authentic means you aren’t competing with all of those other blogs out there, you’re just being you. When I was creating an extension of my brand, I stopped to plan what type of environment I would create for my readers. I determined what type of brand feeling I wanted my blog to evoke. This is my third (yes really!) blog design. I’m constantly honing my brand after learning from new experiences. After writing for a couple of years, I went back and studied my old posts. I discovered a common theme – I was writing to inspire women and I was looking for women to inspire me.

I created my new tagline and blog mantra, Where Women Inspire. This connects with my public relations business persona, helping women to Flourish, Fabulously. I’m helping my readers to tap into the passion they have for their own businesses. I’m helping my readers discover new brands through our Pink Book. I’m helping women succeed on their own terms, just like I have.

When someone visits a blog they want to know what you are all about and what you can teach them. Why should they return? I’m thankful to my loyal readers for sharing our posts and for returning to learn more. But most importantly, I’m writing to share my own experiences and inspire other women entrepreneurs to grow their personal brands. Be authentic, find your passion. Connect the dots.

Can you do me a favor and share this post? We’re here to help people, to inspire women. Reading this post may just help someone take that next big leap in their career!

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