My City: Vikki on Penticton, British Columbia

Empress Avenue had the pleasure of speaking with Vikki to get to know a little bit about one of British Columbia’s interior gems. Penticton, translated to ‘a place to stay forever’ from the Okanagan language, definitely seems like a slice of heaven on Earth. Vikki’s love of nature and adventurous lifestyle has led her to take full advantage of Penticton’s outdoor opportunities. From rock climbing to wine tasting, Penticton will give you a humble getaway that makes you appreciate the simple pleasures in life.

Image sourced from Pinterest

Image sourced from Pinterest

1. What city are you in right now? Penticton BC, Canada

2. What’s the best kept secret about your city? Natural Waterslides. Many years of erosion from meandering rivers cause the rocks beneath the water to become smooth enough to use like a waterslide. It’s one of the best things to do in the summer time!

3. Describe your city in 10 words. Beautiful, Variety, Wine, Sunny, Snowy, Paradise, Friendly, Mountains, Lakes, Fruit.

4. Favourite place to catch up on some emails? The Bench Café. It has a cute little patio that opens up in the summer time and offers gourmet local comfort food for breakfast and lunch so it’s a great place to spend the whole day ordering as many delicious dishes as possible!

Vikki wakeboarding on the lake

Vikki wakeboarding on the lake

5. Best place to relax and enjoy some quiet? Skaha Lake Bluffs for some rock climbing. It’s the perfect place to get away for the day and take in the stunning views. Getting to the tops of some rocks can be a challenge but once you’re there there’s nothing else you’ll be able to do except appreciate the serenity and peacefulness around you.

Getting to the tops of some rocks can be a challenge but once you’re there there’s nothing else you’ll be able to do except appreciate the serenity and peacefulness around you.

6. Best restaurant that offers atmosphere and good prices? Mykonos Restraint, It’s a Greek style family owned restaurant with amazing food and atmosphere. They offer over 25 different pizzas and give you the option to create your own! It’s a great place to bring friends or family and the prices won’t hurt your wallet either!

7. Best shopping neighborhood and favourite store? Cherry Lane is definitely the shopping area for Penticton. It offers tons of stores, both brand names and smaller boutiques. Freeride Boardshop for shopping is my personal favourite, it’s voted one of the top board shops in Canada and has all the best gear for outdoor activities (which is what you’ll be doing if you come to Penticton!) but it also has everyday clothing that’s edgy and stylish.


Cliff jumping

 8. Tell us about your perfect weekend? Hanging out with friends by the beach. Wake Surfing behind the boat, Cliff Jumping off Skaha bluffs into the lake, then catching a sunset rock climb would be the best!

 9. What hotel would you recommend for women business travelers? Lake City Casino Hotel, its right in front of Okanagan Lake with a Casino, two Bars, and lake front restaurant that has breathtaking views.

10. Where is the best place to meet new people in your city? Sunday Famers Market during the summertime. They close off some streets and line them with tables and umbrellas where everyone can taste and buy delicious local food. Generally anywhere we have summer events going on there will be tons of people to meet. There’s also some great bars and tons of outdoor activities where people won’t hesitate to strike up a conversation.

11. What are the top places you would take a visitor? The River Chanel float, Wine tours are always a good way to spend the day in the sunny Okanagan. Skaha bluffs for a rock climb and maybe finish off with a wake surf behind the boat. Farmers Markets on Sundays is a great way to get some local produce, do some crafts and see all the characters that live in our city. Paddle Boarding Yoga on Skaha Lake with Penticton Pilates whose instructor is classically trained in Pilates and has had extensive training with yoga.

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