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We interviewed the brilliant Lily Nguyen, the creative mind behind Bleed For Fashion (who recently launched a brand new website!) Lily’s ability to complement raw, personal, and utterly relate-able snapshots of her life with her unique and inspirational personal style is what makes her blog a must-read. We never miss a post. Meet Lily!

What was your inspiration for starting your blog? What was your initial vision for your blog? – All I ever wanted was to have a place to share my experiences though this journey we call life. Inspired by other bloggers—fashion and lifestyle—I eventually got the courage to start my own. I didn’t really have an initial vision for my blog as I was writing for me, and this still holds true today. I didn’t start my blog in hopes of becoming famous. That being said, I’m always in a state of perpetual amazement at how many sweet and insightful readers I have.

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Do what you love first, and the rest will follow.

What sets your blog apart from other fashion based blogs?- Contrary to the name of my blog, I rarely write about fashion. Instead, I write about my life. Whether it’s good or bad, ugly or not, I’m honest and sometimes bipolar, but I like it that way. This is where I truly let it all hang out.

What type of content fits with your targeted audience?- The deep, mysterious, tug at your heartstrings type.

What does a day in your blog life look like?- To be honest, I hardly have the time or energy to blog these days. I work full-time as an Online Experience & Social Media Coordinator for a women’s fashion retailer, so sitting in front of my laptop is the last thing I want to do after a long day at work. Fortunately, with my boyfriend as my photographer, I try to devote at least an hour or two on the weekends to maintain and update my blog.

…I’m honest and sometimes bipolar, but I like it that way…

Is running your own blog as glamorous as it sounds? Why or why not?- I didn’t realize my blog sounded glamorous, because it isn’t. Blogging for me is definitely fun, but it’s hard work. Nothing can prepare you for the menagerie of emotions that floods you once you start writing about the things you know and feel.

How would you describe your personal style, and who are your biggest style inspirations? Why?- I often get asked to define my style and I always find it really hard to answer. I guess you could say it’s minimal, or whatever-it-is-that-I’m-into-at-the-time. Apparently that also makes me “edgy,” whatever that means. My biggest style inspirations are those who can wear a garbage bag and still make it look couture.

What are your favourite stores to shop at for the perfect outfit?- I mostly shop online, but my favourite local stores to shop at include Aritzia, Loft 82, and Rebecca Bree.

The deep, mysterious, tug at your heartstrings type.

What is your favourite travel hot spot? What items do you not leave behind?- At a tropical beach or at the top of the mountain, with my iPhone/Nikon camera in hand.

Can you offer any advice for new bloggers or entrepreneurs looking to promote their business? – Do what you love first, and the rest will follow.

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