How to Write and Schedule Online Content for Your Business

There are so many resources available online to help us write better content, manage the content and schedule our business news. As creative professionals, we all hit writers block at some point or face challenges when coming up with new ideas.

Here are a few tools that I like to use to help me write better content:

  1. Pinterest. Pinterest is a visual online collage board where you can pin images and links to website articles in various topics such as fashion, photography, social media, etc. You can even search pins, boards, people on any category/topics that you are looking for. What I like about this resource is that I can discover brands, people or get ideas for topics that I am looking to write about. Once you find an idea, pin it to a new board so you can go back to it later.
  2. Bloglovin’. Bloglovin’ is an online community where all types of industry professionals share their blog content. It is similar to Pinterest in the sense that they have a wide variety of categories/topics that can be helpful for creative professionals. From fashion to home décor, I’ve discovered a lot of posts on how to write better content. It also has a similar feature to Pinterest where you can create boards and save posts so you can go back and find that resource in the future.

With social media and technology evolving, there has been an increase in tools available where creative professionals can manage content marketing and pre-schedule news.

Here are a few tools I love to use and that are huge time savers:

  1. Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a tool that you can use to manage social networks (such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) schedule posts, engage with your audiences, and measure your ROMI (return on marketing investment) right from the dashboard. This tool is especially helpful for online marketing professionals, as you can schedule everything ahead of time and then track the performance of the content you are sharing.
  2. IconosquareIconosquare is a tool where you can view Instagram feeds, engage with others, view social analytics, access tools for contests and tools for online brand management. I find this tool helpful for creative professionals as it’s an easy way to engage with your community, view your RSS feed from your computer screen, track your online performance, find the best times you should post, and learn what hashtags you should use to reach your target audience.
  3. Latergramme. Latergramme is a tool that you can use to schedule your Instagram posts. It’s helpful for online marketing professionals as you can sit down and plan out your content marketing schedule and save a ton of time! All you need to do when it comes to posting on Instagram is confirm the post and copy/ paste the description you created from your computer.

Are you looking for help to manage your social media marketing strategy? Pink Pearl PR would love to chat! Our social media consultants can help you execute a custom strategy with each social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and/or Instagram.

When we help you get that new feature in Fit Pregnancy or Glamour magazine through our PR services, we want to make sure your new social media customers see it.

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