How To Get Started As A Travel Writer

Daydreaming about far off lands, amazing landscapes and paradise crosses my mind on a daily basis. Instagram seems to be filled with photos of young travelers embedded in an experience, blogging abroad and plunging into different cultures.

Seems like a dream right?

Being paid to review travel hot spots and destinations seems to quickly be the new normal for some. For those free spirits, travel and their name attached to an article is all the motivation needed to venture out and become noticed.

But how do you get started in a highly competitive market? It may not be a simple answer, but by following some of these steps you could get closer to that glass of merlot and that waterfront view!

  1. Practice: Although travel writing may be your main goal, strong writing skills are important to be successful as a writer. Practice, practice and practice some more! Take any opportunity you can to grow. You need to have good ideas, and be able to sell those ideas. Think about creating an experience for the reader, and draw them in to believe what you are saying. Being a travel writer can often be difficult. It is your job to translate sights, smells and sounds in a way that will sweep the reader up and make them feel as though they are traveling with you. The only way to excel at this is through practice.
  2. Become a Contributor: There are a copious amount of travel publications, companies and websites that are always looking for contributors to add to their material. Become involved! Get out there and travel. It is easier to pin point what will interest your readers if you have an experience to base it on. Being a contributor gives you insight into the world of travel writers and will allow you to gain the experience necessary to go further in your endeavours. Research publications that will fit you niche and reach out to them.
  3. Develop a presence: Use your online presence to get in touch with other editors, bloggers, publications and important figures that can help you get closer to your end goal. Think about starting a blog where you can curate your content and share your experience. This is a great resource to have to include on a resume. Get involved in the conversation online and offline. Developing relationships is key to your growth as a travel writer.
  4. Be real: The world of travel writers is a competitive one. Remember to be honest and real in your writing. Followers look for authentic and reliable information. Stay away from the cliches and filler text. It is easy to get lost in the story you are trying to share so ask yourself, what do you want the reader to learn or take away from this piece? Once you know, begin to share it.
  5. Know the facts: Its true, know your facts! It is always a good idea to have a nugget of information in your back pocket. The world is filled of history and intriguing details about many places in the world. Try incorporating things you’ve learned about the places you’ve been – but remember to ensure that what you are sharing is correct and reliable.

The most important advice I’ve come across to help kick start a career in travel writing is something so simple.

“Do something first, good or bad, successful or not, and write it up before approaching an editor. The best introduction to an editor is your own written work, published or not” – Jeffery Taylor, Travel Writer

So go, get out there. Travel and create. There are many stories to hear and we are just waiting for you to share it with us.

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