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Golly Gee-pers is a green company devoted to making it fun and easy for children to learn good manners and civility. The company researches, tests, and develops new products that help teach children important social skills and inspire children to become good citizens.

Products We Love 

If a Very Important Person Invited you to Lunch Story and Activity Book

Winner of the Mom’s Choice Gold Award, this story and activity book uses the adventures of a young boy as he experiences dining with VIPs to teach children the importance of manners in a fun way. Covering everything from what to wear, how to act, and more, this hilarious book is an entertaining experience for you to share with your child. Whether you’re purchasing this book for a child’s bookshelf, a school library, or a parent/caregiver, this captivating book is a great, and educational, choice!

Golly Gee-pers Books_ Empress Avenue_ Pink Pearl PR_ 1

  • Picture book (paperback): $12.95
  • Hard back: $14.95 (signed copies available on request)
  • A hilarious and entertaining story and activity book which will teach your child the importance of manners
  • Illustrations are purposefully left ambiguous to allow for the reflection of all races and skin colours

Manners Fun Book

Teaching your children good manners, kind behaviour, and proper etiquette can be fun and exciting with this Manners Fun Book. Featuring a variety of activities, games, and colours pages, this workbook is a great tool to help your children develop these essential abilities. This workbook can be used as part of a curriculum or as an independent teaching tool for a more relaxed pace. Designed specifically for children in pre-k through elementary school, this is the perfect gift to entertain children and make the parents’ job a little easier!

Golly Gee-pers Books_ Empress Avenue_ Pink Pearl PR_ 2

  • $7.50
  • Features a variety of activities, games, and colouring pages to teach young children about good manners, kind behaviour, and etiquette
  • Designed for children in pre-k through elementary school

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  • Value
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As parents and teachers are looking for ways to discuss respect and manners with children, these books do it in a way that is fun and easy! Both books make a purposeful gift that will have value long after the holidays are over.

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