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Nic Nac Co. is a baby clothing brand specializing in cozy knitted products for newborn babies to 6-year-old children. The brand offers a variety of products for sale, such as blankets, baby booties, hats, and accessories. Every piece is handmade with love and care, and careful attention is paid to every last detail. The pieces are knitted using high-quality yarn, ensuring that the products last. Nic Nac Co. creates many unique designs, however they are also able to customize creations to meet your needs and personal style!

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Baby shower events are a special time during pregnancy, and having products that are designed with love and personality add an extra element to the event. We’ve chosen a few amazing products from Nic Nac Co. that are sure to be a hit with any expectant mother!

Products We Love


Keep your newborn baby nice and warm during walks in the park or afternoon naps with this knitted wool cocoon. This bunting bag features a roomy hood for your baby’s head, and buttons on both sides of the product make for easy to put the piece on or take it off your baby. This cocoon is in a stylish grey and light pink colour combination that is guaranteed to never go out of style. The best part is that it can be worn for up to 3 months, so your baby will be able to make the most out of this cozy cocoon!



  • $90 CDN
  • Made with 50% wool, 50% acrylic
  • Fits from birth to 3 months
  • Buttons on both sides make it easy to put on or take off
  • Machine wash in cold water and lay flat to dry

Baby Hat

Protect your baby’s head from the sun with this adorable baby hat. The hat is knitted using elastic yarn to ensure that it is a perfect fit for your baby, and that it can be worn longer than other newborn hats. The bright colours of this piece are bright and playful, and the small giraffe sewn to the front is a cute detail to make this piece even more fun. This hat is also machine washable, so it can withstand whatever the weather throws your and your baby’s way!



  • $25 CDN
  • 80% cotton, 20% acrylic; yarn made specifically for babies
  • Fits from birth to 3 months
  • Machine wash in cold water and lay flat to dry.


Your newborn baby will have the cutest outfit thanks to these adorable cable knit booties! Shown here in a soft grey and white striped design, the booties will keep your baby’s feet warm during the colder months. Every detail of this piece has been designed with care to give your baby a luxurious feel. Made with 100% merino wool, the booties are soft and comfortable on the feet, and the top of the booties feature ribbing to help keep them on your baby’s feet as they explore their new home. The ribbon detailing also helps the booties stay in place, while adding a stylish element to this baby wardrobe staple!EmpressAvenue_PinkPearlPR_BabyShowerEvent40


  • $20 CDN
  • Made of 100% merino wool
  • Features ribbing to ensure that booties don’t fall off
  • Also available in: white
  • Machine wash in cold water and lay flat to dry

Carry-All Bag

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Carry all of your baby’s essentials in this amazing bag! The bag features one large compartment that provides enough room to hold all of the items you need while out with your baby. Made with pre-shrunk cotton and polyester material, the bag will keep its shape throughout its use. The bag can be easily clean and put in the dryer, so it will look brand new no matter how many times you use it!



  • $40
  • Made of pre-shrunk fabric, 50% cotton, 50% polyester
  • Features one large compartment to hold all of your items

What Make These Products Perfect for a Baby Shower Event?

Functionality and style are arguably 2 of the most important factors that come into play when choosing products for a baby shower event. Nic Nac Co.’s pieces are great products because they satisfy both of these requirements. Each piece is made with high-quality materials and carefully put together to ensure that they last. Stylish colours and patterns are specifically used to create timeless pieces. All of the products sold by the brand are key items for a new arrival to your family, and add to the warm and loving environment you have created for your bundle of joy.

Shop all of Nic Nac Co.’s products at: www.etsy.com/shop/NicNacCo
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Nic-Nac-Cie


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Nic Nac Co.’s unique knitted pieces for newborn babies and young children make great additions to any baby shower event. These handmade pieces are put together using high-quality material to ensure that they maintain their shape, while the stylish patterns and colours can be mixed and matched to create adorable outfits!

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