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There’s nothing we love more than a glass of wine, and we’ve met our match in Christine Nielsen from Whine and Cheese. This mommy/wine connoisseur blogs about everything from family life to, of course, wine! Sit back with a glass of wine, read on and you’ll see why we love Christine!

christine_photobin-5-web1. Tell us about yourself and how you started blogging.- I am a 40 something mom of two not so little boys who relocated from the big city to the burbs and surprisingly loves country life. Whine and Cheese was born from my need to record the big and little milestones in not only my children’s lives, but in mine as well. I also love wine, so I use my blog as a personal wine journal as well!

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2. What makes your blog absolutely fabulous?- I don’t blog a lot, but when I do, it’s about something of importance to me. It might just be about a great wine I have tried, but often that wine was accompanied by a fantastic dining experience, a night out with friends or a family get together which made it all the more special.

3. What type of content fits with your targeted audience?- My posts are really all over the place. From wine to kids to making crappy dinners really. But I think my readers appreciate my real-ness and can relate to my personal struggles with parenting, fitness, and aging not-so-gracefully.

4. What does a day in your blog life look like?- Very dull I am afraid. My goal is to post 3x week right now, but it’s more like 1x week most weeks. I find that I get bursts of inspiration from time to time and pump out quite a few posts which can carry me through the inevitable droughts that follow.

5. What types of readers are in your blog ‘pink book’?- I think my pink book readers would be 40 something moms who are also struggling with growing kids, getting back on track with career and trying to dress our ever sagging bodies. Oh, and those who really can appreciate a good glass of wine.

“[Blogging] takes time and it takes a lot of hard work… but it’s really satisfying at the end of the day.” – Christine Nielsen

6. Is running your own blog as glamorous as it sounds?- I have to admit that I did have a bit of a rock star experience this past summer at a huge blogging conference in the US. I attended fully catered movie premieres, an exclusive party at American Girl, had private tours of major tourist areas, party hopped (as in 5 parties in one day!), got loaded with swag and even won a pair of Christian Louboutin heels as a door prize! But 99% of the time it is totally not glamourous, it’s me in my sweats at my computer writing when I get inspired.christine2

7. What celebrity do you look at for style inspiration?- That’s tough because I really can’t relate to most celebrities, but perhaps I would say Giselle or Kate Hudson – a beachy, boho, surfer girl kind of vibe is what really appeals to me.

8. What are your favourite stores to shop at for the perfect wardrobe?- Free People and Anthropologie. I also frequent Urban Outfitters and a great local store called Spank. Modern bohemian is totally me… that is when I am not in workout gear.

9. What is your favourite travel hot spot?- Whistler. Love it in the winter. Love it in the summer. I’d live there full time if I could.

10. Can you offer any advice for new bloggers or female entrepreneurs looking to promote their business?- Just because you are new doesn’t mean that people won’t be interested in your blog. Be real, write great content and the people and brands will come! It takes time and it takes a lot of hard work too but it’s really satisfying at the end of the day.

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