A Mom’s Guide To Leading A Healthy Active Life

The Active Living philosophy is how Lorna Jane Clarkson, founder of Lorna Jane, lives her life; by moving, nourishing and believing every day. Active Living makes being fit and healthy simple because it breaks it down into a daily practice that anyone can fit into their busy life – it’s ultimately a change in mindset. The three pillars of the Active Living philosophy are Move, Nourish, and Believe. Today we focus on the nourishment aspect.

As Lorna Jane Clarkson says, “Eating a little less on a more regular basis boosts your metabolism, keeps you focused, puts your body into fat-burning mode, and helps keep those pesky sugar cravings at bay.”

Nourishing from the inside out is key to active living. However, it’s not just about eating healthy and wholesome food. A nourishing life also means being inspired to maintain a sound mind, a healthy heart, prosperous relationships, and glowing skin! In 2014 Lorna Jane Clarkson released her first cookbook, NOURISH – The Fit Woman’s Cookbook. Now Lorna Jane publishes e-Books to keep you on track with your nutrition and nourishment! We’ve rounded up some of Lorna Jane Clarkson’s best recipes to help you lead a healthy active life.

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Breakfast provides the body and brain with fuel after an overnight fast – that’s where its name originates, breaking the fast! Apart from providing you with energy, breakfast is a good source of important nutrients such as calcium, iron and B vitamins as well as protein and fibre. The body needs these essential nutrients and research shows that if these are missed at breakfast, they are less likely to be compensated for later in the day.

Incorporating fruits and vegetables into your breakfast is a great way to get some of these nutrients. This goji berry, papaya and calendula smoothie is an iron rich, antioxidant-packed, anti-inflammatory smoothie that features some hero foods which contain delicious health boosting properties. If you are feeling something sweater, this Clean Chocolate Jaffa Granola incorporates cacao which has over 40 x the antioxidants of blueberries, is the highest plant-based source of iron, is loaded with magnesium and is a natural antidepressant and mood elevator.

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Lunch is often not given much thought but it is this meal that gives you energy. Lunch raises your blood sugar level in the middle of the day, making you able to focus for the rest of the afternoon. Since we often feel too rushed to think about lunch and therefore grab something on the go, check out these five fast fresh everyday lunches or these healthy lunches for work. If you have a little bit more time, try this Anytime Salad which contains haloumi and eggs with quinoa and avocado to provide a variety of flavor and plenty of nutrient diversity. 

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Since dinner is the last meal of the day, it’s important to make the right choices because you won’t eat again for another ten hours or so. Ensuring that there is a steady supply of glucose for the body to use as fuel for essential processes while we sleep is critical.

Craving a pizza for dinner? Try this high protein black bean crust pizza. A one-cup serving of black beans contains nearly 15 grams of fibre and 15g of protein (equivalent to 60g chicken). The antioxidants found in the skins of the beans promote better eyesight, cardiac health, capillary strength, skin appearance, and an improved immune system. They’re also great for energy, maintaining blood sugar levels, and digestion!

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Snacks get a bad rep. However, snacking is an effective way to fit extra nutrients into your diet and prevent overeating at mealtimes. You just need to be sure you aren’t reaching for high caloric and over processed snacks. For example, meal prepping is a great way to ensure you aren’t tempted to reach for processed snacks. Try these high protein homemade granola bars or these lazy girl snack solutions.

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