How To Create Profitable Content for Your Business

In 2012, I took the leap into the exciting world of entrepreneurship and started my agency Pink Pearl PR and my blog After working with hundreds of female entrepreneurs through my programs, I have seen what works and what does not work online.

I have learned how you can establish yourself as an expert in your field and turn your expertise into profitable content so that you can build a thriving business. In addition to my PR agency, I am the Founder of American Women in Public Relations and Canadian Women in Public Relations, an organization that brings together women in media and public relations.

Through out my career, I have been able to create profitable content as I know who I am creating my content for and I cater my content to my unique audiences. Now, you can do this too! In this free guide, I am sharing some of the ways that you can create profitable content for your business.

Before you keep reading, download your free copy of the Profitable Content Guide for Female Entrepreneurs!

Before you can create your profitable digital content, you must know a few things about your audience:

  1. Pain Points: The first thing you need to consider before you get started creating your digital products or freelance business, is to determine who your audience is and learn about their pain points.
  2. Solutions: You also want to ensure that the audience you are marketing your content at can afford your solutions.

No matter how well-written or how professionally recorded your content is, it will never be profitable unless you identify your target audience and test it out.

To create profitable content that keeps your client list thriving, you need to design your content plan wisely and strategically.

When you test out your content strategy, you will be able to leverage the content you have and the content that you will create for a better, reliable income. By creating a content profit plan and truly knowing what your target audience needs, you will increase your income and serve your ideal clients better so that you become the expert that they need and hire.                           

Step 1: Identify Your Target Market

People are complex and there are various criteria they should meet to become part of your target market. For example, if you are a traveler who loves a good deal, that doesn’t mean you will be part of the target market for a high-end travel magazine. When you are considering your target market, you must also consider income levels, where she lives, or whether she currently belongs to a travel club.

Step 2: Provide a Solution To Your Target Market’s Problem

After you identify your target market (aka your niche), it’s time to provide a solution to their problem(s). How do you know what their problems are? Quite simply, observe what is spoken about (or complained about) online. Watch what happens in the relevant groups you belong to, member forums, and other social media platforms. Read other product or book reviews to see what people say is missing from those products.

Step 3: Blogging With Purpose

Your blog posts should have a purpose. Writing a blog post is so much more than just putting words on paper. Why are you writing? In short, if you’re taking your ideal client’s struggles and finding that solution to their problems, you’re going to create content with a purpose.                                

Step 4: Creating Online Courses

Have you ever created an online course? Have you thought about it or do you have an idea on the back burner for quite some time now? Or, maybe you’ve built one before and now you’re getting an itch to start something new? Online courses can often become your “signature” product that your brand is known for. For me, this is the Public Relations Academy.

Step 5: Tripwire Marketing to Increase Sales

Tripwire marketing is a term used to describe segmenting your audience to make lower-cost sales in order to get them into your sales funnel. Once inside the funnel, you have the opportunity to upsell a higher priced class or package. There are many benefits to using this tripwire strategy, and I go into more detail on this inside the free Profitable Content Guide.

Step 6: Create a Membership Offer

Once you’ve established an ideal client base and you have an excellent, strong following, then you can create a membership site. Rather than just putting all your clients into your membership and charging them a monthly fee (surprise, surprise!) make them an offer they can’t refuse. Show off all the features your membership site will offer and then make a choice to offer the full price or give them a grandfathered, lower price for life. If you have a large base, then you’ll still make a good amount of money even with the lowered price for loyal clients.

Step 7: Search Engine Optimization

When you create your content, it always needs to be strategic so that your content can be found on the web through the search engines. Keywords are those words people use to search for information that you have to offer. Make sure that you have the right keywords on each page of your website as well as embedded in the body of your blog posts. You want to optimize your site for search engine optimization, using keywords that pertain to your niche.

Step 8: Market Your Content To Reach a Wide Audience

Now that you’ve published your content, it’s time to market it to the masses. Yes, organic search engine results are wonderful and you’ve optimized to take advantage of that avenue, but you shouldn’t rely on organic results completely. Again, think of how many people have online businesses and how many are your target customers. Chances are high that if you don’t tell people about what you do, they may not find you at all.

Step 9: Planning Your Content Calendar

An editorial calendar will be your best friend if you use it consistently to plan your content schedule. If this seems like a daunting task, start by looking just one month into the future. What topic does your audience want to hear more about? What haven’t you covered in a while? Brainstorm topics, titles, call-to-action offers, and affiliate offers. When you have this marked on an editorial calendar, there’s no scrambling at the last minute to find a relevant offer.

As you can see, there are many moving parts when it comes to creating your profitable content. In this free guide, we are going to cover the process in more detail so you can get started and create your profitable content plan today. My goal is to share some of the ways that I have been able to profit from my own content so that you can do the same!

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