Do You Want To Build Your Media Chops?

As a female entrepreneur, I know that you want to have the opportunity to build your media chops. You are willing to do the work, but you aren’t getting a response from the larger media outlets. What’s the solution?

You need to build up your connections and your media coverage. Magazine editors and high-profile publications want to see that your product or service is in demand with consumers before they feature you. You might think you have the next hot product, but unless you have social proof from your customers, a journalist isn’t going to think twice about your brand.

I recommend that you focus on smaller, local publications to build your media coverage. Not only do these smaller outlets offer you an opportunity to share your message, but they will give you the chance to build your media coverage portfolio. Once you have some media coverage to show off, you need to create your media kit!

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Just as you didn’t start out charging premium rates for your products or services (or maybe you did!), your pursuit of media attention won’t likely begin at the top either. Instead, concentrate on weekly newspapers, regional magazines, or local news channels that are looking for experts they can interview and quote.

Even better (for you, anyway) it’s tough for a local market to attract the attention of national celebrities. Is Oprah going to appear on the morning show in Columbus, Indiana or Seattle? Not likely, but you can.

If your dream is the national stage and you want to skip to those larger media outlets, there is a more direct route you can take! Always be on the lookout for media outreach opportunities, whether it’s a chance at a regular column in your hometown newspaper, or a sound byte on the national news.

The more media exposure you have, the more you will attract, and before you know it, you might just be sharing the stage with Oprah Winfrey.

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