Create A List Of Your Top 12 Media Outlets

Whether you are an influencer looking to build your personal brand, a big business or a small start-up, it might seem like everyone is getting into the media spotlight and making their mark online.

You want a big PR splash, but if you do it wrong, it can be detrimental to your image. You have ambitious launch goals and you want your piece of the marketplace, but you need a well-planned brand strategy.

You have created an amazing new product or service and you know it’s going to make a difference for your customers – they just don’t know it yet. Launching a new brand with impact is one of the most critical business decisions you can make.

Do not make the mistake of missing the key opportunities that help your brand stand out and become memorable. You need to learn the proven strategies to make your mark and get into the media spotlight.

If you don’t take the time to work towards building your influence in your field, how will you stand out from the competition?

Look I get it. It’s risky to launch a new product or service into the marketplace. You need to understand how your brand fits and you need to do your homework. You need a plan. Before you take another step forward with your PR strategy, I need you to first recognize something crucial…

You need to start small and aim big as a successful leader in your industry. You need to build your brand the right way from the beginning so that you can create credibility. 

My tip for you today is to start small by creating a list of your top 12 media outlets and don’t worry about creating a massive list. Your goal is to start small, but aim big with the quality of media contacts you are putting on your list. I want you to take the time to identify who you want to pitch.

When you are first getting started with your PR strategy, it’s essential to go after the press that you really want to have for your brand. Ignore anything that isn’t relevant. Focus on the media outlets your ideal customers are reading.  

What media outlet is on your goals list?


Inc, Magazine?


Whatever it is, you probably realize that the odds of getting an out-of-the-blue invite to join Oprah on her talk show are slim…at least right now. That doesn’t mean your media dreams are always going to be out of reach, though. One snapshot of Marie Forleo hanging out with Oprah Winfrey is enough to prove that the national media is a goal worth pursuing.

The only question is how do you get there? How can you grow your platform as an influencer, build your personal brand image to grow in your career or build your influence to make an impact as a leader?

Join me inside the Public Relations Academy and I will help you develop your strategy every single month!

The Public Relations Academy membership is designed for women leaders that want to work towards building their influence. It’s not a course, it’s an implementation accelerator that will help you become more visible.

It’s perfect for influencers, women in business, women in public relations, marketing professionals and female entrepreneurs that want to move into the spotlight.

You need to get noticed to move your brand forward! That takes a lot of effort and you need to put in the work. It doesn’t have to be that hard! I’ve created a simple step-by-step plan to build your influence and I will guide you to implement it every month. That’s the ultimate goal. We have one focus and we work together as a group to help you succeed.

You won’t feel overwhelmed because you will be moving forward with small steps. Small steps lead to big rewards and by the end of the year you will have a brand image you are proud of. If you want to work on your personal brand to advance in your career or grow your influence as a female entrepreneur, I encourage you to join me!

Join the Public Relations Academy to take your creative ideas and put them into a systematic plan to help you deliver the content you need to succeed. You can also sign-up for our one-on-one coaching monthly strategy calls. Visit to take the FREE 5 Day Perfectly Planned Publicity Challenge. 


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