Creating Community: Your Brand’s Best Asset

A brand is much more than a tagline or a design scheme. It’s a vibrant community that’s flexible and meets the needs of its advocates. If you’re trying to build a viable brand as a female entrepreneur, the best thing you can do is to create a community around it.

We naturally want to engage with brands we love. If you create a community around your own brand, you give your audience a place to do that.

Answer this question for your own business: what makes people feel close to the brands they like?

There are some essential steps you need to take to start building a memorable brand image, and you can learn them in my course Becoming Memorable. Join the Becoming Memorable course VIP waitlist and join my FREE Facebook group the Fempreneur Network to connect with your fellow female entrepreneurs.

By creating a community, you’ll give your customers a place to interact and get their needs met.

When their needs are fulfilled, they’ll buy from you again and again. This is a great low-cost method for retaining customers and you’ll see results in your sales. 

This can be their venue for celebrating your brand, learning about your products, getting answers to their questions, or solving problems. It creates a solid relationship and your brand becomes a part of their lives.

It costs a great deal to carry out marketing and ad campaigns to attract new leads. It’s much easier and more cost-effective to retain an existing customer than to get new ones.

In the very first episode of the Fempreneur Podcast, I shared some very specific ways that you can seamlessly create a community around your brand. I wanted to start my new podcast with a topic that I believe is central to building a successful business! You need to create an audience that is hungry for your products or services and this all starts with your unique brand community. You can listen to the Fempreneur Podcast here.

Keeping Your Audience Engaged

Through your group, you’ll share high-value content with your audience. This is essential for keeping them engaged. Studies also show that content is a major factor in purchase decisions, so this will also result in more sales for you.

The content you share will educate, inform, and entertain, giving you the chance to show your expertise in your niche. Through your community, you can create branded content that’s perfectly suited to your audience’s needs.

Through your community, people will interact with you personally, which is a benefit for any brand. People crave this type of personal interaction, especially in an increasingly anonymous digital world.

You’ll be there with your community each day, facilitating conversations, replying to comments, asking questions, and being an all-around helpful resource. It’ll put a human face on your business (here I am behind my computer screen below)!

I’d love to personally connect with you on Instagram and you can find me on my handle: @taliadavispr

Since you’re interacting with your audience personally, you’ll get all kinds of useful feedback from them about their tastes and needs. You can then offer the exact products, services, or content that they’re looking for. These valuable insights about your audience will help make all your marketing activities more effective.

Your group will naturally get you referrals.

People will love the experience of interacting with your brand directly and tell others about it. You can also incentivize referrals and identify your main advocates so that this happens more often. You’ll gain more exposure and multiply your marketing efforts tenfold.

A community naturally grows when people love a brand and its products. Create a community around your brand and the products or services it offers, and you’ll boost your brand visibility and reputation.

We all want to be part of something more than ourselves.

This is simply human nature. In the past, one-way communication where a brand simply broadcasted its message to people was the norm. Today, people expect to be able to reach out and interact with the companies they buy from. They also want to indulge in their hobbies and interests together, and your community gives them a place to do this.  

People flock to online communities because of the unique value they offer. This could be value in the form of promotions and deals, but it’s more likely that what they want to do is learn.

For example, I offer my audience personal access to me inside the Public Relations Academy membership. I create new content for members each month to guide their public relations strategy, interview guest experts, and we have a private Facebook group for members to ask me questions.

An online community’s members can learn directly from the brand and its experts, as well as learn from each other. You can offer exclusive content and unique learning activities like coaching sessions and seminars. I personally offer an annual conference experience for my membership so that I can really connect with them!

People search for information to help them solve their problems.

You can offer your own unique solutions, which builds a deeper relationship with your group members. You’ll enrich their lives and boost your brand awareness and sales at the same time.  

People love brand communities because they offer something you can’t get anywhere else. By interacting with their favorite brands online, they can get special deals, discounts, free trials, and other goodies.

People love the feeling that they’re getting something exclusive that others can’t have.

You can make membership valuable by offering perks like this, and it doesn’t have to cost you much at all. What you spend on producing content or offering discounts you’ll more than make up for in increased sales.

Wherever we indulge in our hobbies and interests online, we make valuable connections with others who share our values and challenges. One reason your customers will want to be part of your community is that they get to talk to each other. Members can help each other with their problems and offer referrals and other benefits. You can multiply this benefit by offering offline networking events in local areas as well.

How do you build a community like this? Brands don’t do it on the strength of their products or services alone. There are some essential steps you need to take to start building a memorable brand image, and you can learn them in my new course Becoming Memorable.

Join the Becoming Memorable course VIP waitlist and join my FREE Facebook group the Fempreneur Network to connect with your fellow female entrepreneurs.

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