How I Overcame My Lack of Confidence as a Female Entrepreneur

Self-confidence is critical to any profession, but I believe it's essential for female entrepreneurs. After all, with no one to guide you on how to run your business, you must trust yourself to make the important decisions.

As the owner of an established, global PR Agency who just launched an international organization to help other women grow their careers in the PR field, you might be surprised to learn that there was a time when I felt unsure of myself as an entrepreneur.

Yet in spite of what I’ve been able to achieve throughout my career, I assure you that insecurity and fear used to hinder my life as a businesswoman.

For those struggling with similar issues, hopefully my story can help inspire you to overcome feelings of self-doubt, and take action to overcome it so that you can create your own memorable brand image.

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Finding My Voice

The world of business is full of powerful, brave women fighting not only to better conditions and representation for themselves, but also their female colleagues. However, for as much progress as we’ve made, there’s always room for more advocacy, as our work is just beginning.

Realizing the importance of supporting my fellow women in business allowed me to identify with a purpose beyond myself. Thanks to that newfound purpose, I gained a stronger sense of confidence in the choices I made, and I had a reason to work towards building my brand image. As long as I was working as an example and advocate for other female entrepreneurs, I knew I was on the right track.

As I worked towards growing my organization, I became a more self-assured public speaker in the process. In the past, I had worried that others wouldn’t value what I had to say. However, when I began to speak about uplifting other businesswomen and overcoming challenges that we face together in our industry, I knew that my voice mattered. In fact, it needed to be heard!

Slowly, my growing self-confidence helped me to develop into a capable leader for both my own PR agency and Women in PR North America, an international organization dedicated to encouraging other women to find their roles as PR leaders.

If you had told my past insecure self that I would one day accomplish these ambitions that only existed in my imagination, I never would have believed it. That’s why I can honestly say that you can do it too, even if you don’t believe it yet.

Find Your Voice

For me, gaining confidence meant connecting with a purpose greater than myself. By deciding that my mission is to help women in PR to overcome challenges and move into leadership positions, I had a guiding principle and vision to help me navigate through the tumultuous world of entrepreneurship. Find your purpose, and you’ll find your confidence with it just like I did.

As a female entrepreneur, you have big dreams, but you don’t know how to consistently attract new customers or clients to grow your business. You don’t feel confident in your existing online image and your current marketing strategy isn’t working for you.

In my course Becoming Memorable, you will learn how to create a strong brand foundation and develop a signature offer that you can’t wait to share with the media.

At Pink Pearl PR, we want to help as many female entrepreneurs as possible create a business brand they are proud of and rewards them with repeat buyers for years to come.

When you can firmly stand behind your business brand and share your story authentically, you will naturally attract the audience you were meant to serve. We want to help you showcase your product or service in a memorable way so that you can leave a lasting impression on your audience and create authority in your marketplace. When your brand is memorable, customers feel a sense of belonging. These customers then turn into your brand advocates, and your reputation grows.

We firmly believe that your marketing strategy needs to start from a strong brand foundation. We want to help you learn how to stand out with your offers and stand for something your marketplace.

This is how you become memorable, grow your sales, and get ready for the media to come calling (and they certainly will).

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Ways to work Together

  • Media Pitching: Work with our team at Pink Pearl PR to pitch your product to major magazines, influencers, and high-profile publications.
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  • One-On-One: Work with Talia (that’s me) to promote your new brand through our start-up Public Relations Accelerator program.
  • Coaching and Courses: The Public Relations Academy membership will help you create your own PR strategy with our guidance. We also have some individual courses you can join, such as the Personal Branding Blueprint course.

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