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Lily’s Dreams is an online store devoted to selling natural, sustainable parenting products using recycled wool. The company is best known for soaker covers and longies, which can be worn over a diaper (either cloth or disposable) to prevent diaper leaks from happening. The diaper covers are extremely eco-friendly and made from a combination of recycled and new materials, keeping quality and softness in mind. Many new moms use them for long car rides, naps or overnight. They work well for anytime you know your baby will be stuck wearing the same diaper for a while! The wool material is wonderful, as it’s breathable and antibacterial.  They have a variety of colour and design options to choose from and the shop accepts custom orders.

Products We Love: 

EmpressAvenue_PinkPearlPR_BabyShowerEvent73Wool Soaker Cover with a Crown Applique
MSRP – $27 CDN

The body of this diaper cover is made from a soft, lightly felted, lambswool angora blend. There is an extra layer sewn into the wetzone. The legs and waist are made from 100% lambswool. There is a crown appliqued onto the bum.

Wool Longies Pants with a Bird Applique
MSRP – $33.75 CDN

These longies are made from a medium weight, lightly felted, 100% lambswool. The waist and legs are made from soft, 100% merino wool, with the waist being two layers thick. There is an added doubler in the wet zone for extra protection against leaks. There is a dolphin with a button eye appliqued onto the bum.

List Key Features:

  • Diaper covers are designed with recycled, eco-friendly materials.
  • 100% wool, which is stretchable, odor resistant and antibacterial.
  • All seams are surged for added durability.
  • Perfect for day time or nap time.
  • All Items have been pre-washed and felted for added durability.
  • Hand wash and lay flat to dry.



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These unique designs and colour combinations are sure to impress an expectant mom. By covering your baby’s bum with a soaker cover, you will not be woken by a baby soaked through their diaper!

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