How To Get Verified on Instagram with Publicity

The latest reports show that a mere 3.26 percent of Instagram accounts are verified, and have received the coveted blue check mark. It’s not easy to get verified, but it can be done with dedication and proper planning.

Not sure how to get verified on Instagram? I’m sharing some of my tried and true tips! If you are an influencer in your field, or you have a personal brand reputation that you want to protect, this article is for you.

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What Does It Mean to Be Verified?

Instagram explains that the verified badge confirms that the account authentically represents a specific brand, celebrity, or public figure. It helps other Instagram users find real accounts and avoid being duped.

Instagram also says that a verified badge is not a symbol of “importance, authority, or subject matter expertise.”

However, we all know that the average tends to view verified accounts as more credible and worthy of following and engaging with. That’s why so many people are out here trying to get verified themselves.

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Getting Verified on Instagram: The Basics

The actual Instagram account verification process is pretty straightforward. First, your account must meet these criteria:

  • Be Authentic: Your account should represent a real person, business, or organization.
  • Be Unique: Your account should represent one unique person, business, or organization.
  • Be Complete: Your account should be active and public with a bio and profile picture.

If you check these 3 boxes, you can go ahead and submit a verification request through the settings menu in your account.

How to Increase Your Chances of Being Verified

Where do you want your business to be, in terms of visibility and growth in the long run? What’s the BIG dream?

We truly believe that success is not an accident, and you must follow a plan to achieve your overarching priorities.  

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Next, if you want to increase your chances of your verification request being approved, I recommend doing the following:

Post Relevant Content Consistently

It’s easier to build an audience and increase your relevance on Instagram if you stick to a specific niche. Think about what you’re an expert in — fashion, healthy baking, gardening, etc. — and make an effort to consistently post content that is relevant to that niche. You could also join our Industry Influencer challenge to help you identify your area of expertise.

Make Yourself Newsworthy

Don’t limit your self-promotion and brand-building to Instagram. Look for other ways to get your name out there — this makes it easier for the powers that be at Instagram to take you seriously.

If you’re an artist, start submitting your work to galleries. If you love baking healthy, kid-friendly treats, find a way to get featured on a popular parenting blog.

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Don’t Break Any Instagram Rules

Make sure your content doesn’t violate any of Instagram’s rules or community guidelines. This includes only posting original content and avoiding posting nudity. You should also be respectful of others when responding to comments or engaging in discussions on Instagram.

Gain Vital Credibility

When people perceive you as having expertise in a given field, you will gain vital credibility. 

Your ideas and the content you create are quickly shared and taken to heart. Most importantly, people respect your experience and trust your knowledge. When influential people speak, their target audience hangs onto every word.

The audience recognizes that there is significant value in what the influencer has to share, and that there are positive rewards for following his or her advice.

That is the power of influence: to affect behaviour because of the reputation you have earned as a reliable leader and problem-solving specialist in a particular field, someone who always has his or her followers’ best interests at heart.

But the biggest game changer? Taking the time to showcase your expertise and build your memorable brand image. 

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Work with a PR Agency

Finally, consider working with a public relations agency. A public relations expert can help you create a cohesive brand image that allows you to connect with your target audience.

They can also work with you to formulate a marketing plan that builds your following and establishes you as an authority figure within a specific space.

Get Verified with Pink Pearl PR

You can take many steps to increase your chances of being verified on Instagram. However, one of the most effective and efficient ways to add that blue check mark to your account is to work with a skilled and experienced public relations agency to help you showcase your expertise.

At Pink Pearl PR, we provide a wide range of public relations programs to help you build your brand and achieve your social media marketing goals. Book a call today to learn more about how we can help.

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