FEMPRENEUR Book Review by Stephanie Elizabeth

Anyone who knows me or my work knows I’m passionate about supporting female entrepreneurs. That’s why I created Fempreneur.com as a blog and podcast years ago! I’ve always wanted to write a book, but it’s very challenging to get your ideas organized.

I know how difficult it can be for female entrepreneurs to get the recognition they deserve. I know how tempting it can be to throw in the towel when you don’t see the results you want.

With my book, I hope to encourage female entrepreneurs like you to keep going! I want to give you the tools you need to build a successful brand, stand out from the crowd, and achieve your business goals.

I recently submitted my book, FEMPRENEUR: Create your memorable brand image and become an unstoppable female entrepreneur, for review at an online book club, and I’m so thrilled to share this detailed review with you by Stephanie Elizabeth! If you’re interested in the book, you can buy your copy on Amazon here.

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4 out of 4 stars – Stephanie Elizabeth

[Following is an official OnlineBookClub.org review from Stephanie Elizabeth of “FEMPRENEUR: Create your memorable brand image and become an unstoppable female entrepreneur.” by Author Talia Beckett Davis.]

Do you have a unique idea or product to sell? Are you tired of seeing other women in your industry find success in their business endeavors while you’re stuck on the proverbial hamster wheel, getting nowhere? Talia Beckett Davis, the author of Fempreneur: Create your memorable brand image and become an unstoppable female entrepreneur, has written this book for you. Talia has earned her stripes with her highly successful PR company helping women in business. The book is chock-full of valuable information needed to create your unique brand, build strong professional relationships, and plan for the future, enabling your business to thrive long-term.

If you are a female entrepreneur, you need this book! Every chapter discusses a different topic essential to growing your business and establishing your brand. From how to pitch ideas and create an audience to driving your social media traffic and pre-launching your product or service, and much more, this is the resource that is going to propel you forward.

I loved how Talia gave readers strategic advice they could actually utilize rather than a bunch of generic fluff that you find in many other self-help books. The book is infused with valuable information that would take any new entrepreneur months, maybe even years, to sift through—not to mention the thousands they might spend on a PR consultant.

The author has compiled the most pertinent information and shared it in an easy-to-implement way. Not only does she tell you what to do, but she gives real-life examples. For instance, she writes about the importance of attending network events. This includes how an entrepreneur can prepare themselves before the event by reminding themselves of their skills and talents, how to connect/share stories with others at the event, and how to develop the potential for future working relationships or collaborations by following up after the event.

Another thing I adored about this book was the powerful message to the reader regarding helping others. Talia has poured her heart into empowering female entrepreneurs and wants you to do the same.

Society alienates women from each other because we are often led to believe that opportunities for women are limited, so we must fight for our rightful spot. However, the author emphasizes that there is room for all of us, and the message resonated with me—we are better together!

The book was exceptionally edited with no apparent errors, and there is nothing to dislike about the writing. Therefore, I have chosen to give the helpful guide a rating of four out of four stars because of its relevant and practical advice, industry secrets, and uplifting narrative.

I’d love to see this book used in a workshop dedicated to training female entrepreneurs; the easy-to-implement steps would work really well in a classroom setting. Moreover, I recommend the book to women who have been dreaming about that career change for some time now; this is the push you need to get out and own your entrepreneurial destiny!

FEMPRENEUR: Create your memorable brand image and become an unstoppable female entrepreneur.

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