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We interviewed the gorgeous beauty behind the blog, Love, Alexa and designer of Sutie Skirts, Alexa Suter.  We love her style and cannot get enough of her chic skirts! Alexa is all about “chasing your passion and living your dreams”` and it shows through the work of her blog and business. We are thrilled to introduce you to Alexa!

Tell us about yourself, and how you started blogging.

I always thought I wanted to be a writer, so I was producing a lot of content – the majority of which was never being shared with anyone but myself! It was a big leap of faith when I started my blog and started sharing my work, and over time, my blog became what Love, Alexa is today.

Give us the ‘inside scoop’ – what does a day in your life look like?

Now that I’m preparing for the official launch of Sutie Skirts, my days are quite sporadic and always different. I’m still working on the blog, so many days I’m shooting or talking to brands and preparing for collaborations, while intermittently dealing with package design, manufacturing, shipping, and everything in-between.

Do you think it’s important to love what you do, or make good money?

I’ve always believed that doing what you love will result in making good money, which has proven itself to be true time and time again. I’m also a strong believer that if you’re not doing what you love, then the money is really quite unfulfilling.

Is owning your own blog as glamorous as it sounds?

It can feel a bit glamorous when you get to attend fancy events and receive gifts from brand collaborations in the mail, but ultimately there is a lot of hard work and dedication that goes into running a blog professionally. It also takes a decent amount of time and effort before any blogger gets to the glamorous stage, so keep on keeping on!

What inspired you to start your own blog? What made you decide to take the leap?

First, it was the opportunity to share my writing. When I started blogging around fashion and travel, I was inspired by my newfound love of photography and I always loved modeling, so the blog naturally developed and transitioned along with my favorite hobbies. I was also really lucky to have the help and advice of some of my friends in the industry who are also fashion bloggers.

What are your tips for setting yourself apart in the fashion blog industry?

Always be authentic, and always focus on providing value to your readers. While I think it’s very important to not reinvent the wheel and pay attention to what other fashion bloggers are doing in the industry, you’ll ultimately gain a loyal fan based because of your uniqueness and individuality. Be you!

What is the biggest challenge about fashion blogging?

The photography. While it’s easy to get the travel shots, because I take them myself, it can be challenging to have a consistent photographer to work with to get those outfit shots. When I don’t have my photographer around, I’ve done everything from asking my boyfriend for help to setting up my tripod and running into frame!

How would you describe your personal style?

Classic. Though my Instagram feed and blog will appear quite vibrant, I’m a sucker for black and clean lines when it comes to fashion.

Who inspires your style and why?

To be honest, I’m really inspired by men’s clothing! I’ve always admired the tailored, structured, and simplistic look of men’s suits, so don’t be surprised if you catch me rocking a power blazer quite frequently!

What is your favourite travel hot spot?

My favorite place on planet earth is Budapest, Hungary. But if you’re talking hot spot in terms of a beach and sunshine, take me back to the Bahamas any day!

Can you offer any advice for new bloggers or entrepreneurs looking to promote their business?

Seek advice! Get to know the other fashion bloggers in your area, and attend networking events as much as you can. Tell people what you are doing, and reach out to bloggers you admire for a coffee meeting. You’ll be surprised at how many people are thrilled to be able to help you.

Where do you see your blog in the next five years?

I really look forward to pairing my blog with my clothing label and continuing to work on both! I’ve had some ideas about ways in which I can change my blog’s branding to be more aligned with my other entrepreneurial pursuits, but that’s all top secret for now!

Photographer credit: Alaina Michelle

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