10 Ways to Stay Motivated From Home

As the warm weather rolls around, it is a reminder that it has been over a year of binging netflix shows, developing new interests, and unfortunately being stuck at home. 

While many companies are finally opening their doors to make the transition back in the office, many are still remote. Globally, millions of people are challenged with the difficulties isolation provides, especially loss of motivation. 

What are 10 ways to stay motivated from home?

  1. Make a vision board

A vision board can be anything you dream it to be, quite literally. Place images or text of the life you want to manifest and place it in a convenient place. Everytime you look at it, it will be a reminder of a life soon to be achieved! 

  1. Plan one “treat” ahead the night before

There is no greater feeling than going to sleep excited for the next day’s events. To provide yourself that “I can’t sleep because I can’t wait for tomorrow” feeling, plan one way to treat yourself the next day like grabbing your favorite coffee or getting lunch at a new, local shop!

  1. Reward yourself!

Let’s be honest- we all want to feel appreciated. It can be hard for some going through isolation without recognition for your achievements, making many people feel alone. Be your own biggest cheerleader! Celebrate your goals, little or small. 

  1. Journal

A good journal can change your life! Take time to journal each day. Manifest your dreams, purge your emotions, or praise yourself with affirmations.

  1. Create a routine

Humans are creatures of habit, we love a good routine! By creating a day-to-day routine your body will wake up ready to work each morning.

  1. Make good use of your breaks

With the switch to remote work, the feeling of walking out of the office for a short break is gone. Fortunately, it has allowed us to be more creative with our spare time. Take a walk, work on your side hustle, or cook yourself a delicious lunch. 

  1. Love your environment 

Feng Shui is a practice originating from China which aims to harmonize us with our surrounding environment. When you are in an environment you feel connected to you are likely to feel more in tune and motivated. Some ideas can be placing crystals around your workplace, giving your desk a new look, or doing some work in your favorite cafe. 

  1. Dress to feel good

Look good, feel good! A tale as old as time. We all miss that feeling of walking through your office doors with a great outfit on, but we can still strut around our living room!

  1. Practice daily gratitude 

In such uncertain, trying times many of us are finding it difficult to see the positives. By practicing daily gratitude, you will find light in every situation promoting your overall attitude.

A great way to practice for beginners is investing in a gratitude journal, we suggest Good Days Start with Graditude, a 52 week guide linked below.

  1.  Make plans for your future

Oh, how we long for days of hugging our relatives and smiling at a stranger. While we may not be certain exactly how far those days may be, we can remain hopeful! Use your daydreams as your motivation to hustle each day. 

COVID-19 you may have shifted our lives a bit, but it is time we take the power into our own hands. Prior to the pandemic, the words “I need a vacation” or “I need a break” would be spread through an office multiple times a day. Take control of your situation and motivate yourself everyday because there is a life of normalcy on the horizon.

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