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Lansinoh® is an established brand specializing in products to make breastfeeding a comfortable and easy experience for new mothers. The brand has had nearly 30 years of experience selling its variety of breast pumps, accessories, and other products to meet the different needs of women worldwide.

One of the most innovative products to come from the brand is the Smartpump Double Electric Breast Pump. The pump takes advantage of today’s advance Bluetooth technology to provide mothers with a unique solution to their breastfeeding needs!

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Lansinoh® Smartpump™ Double Electric Breast PumpLansinoh_SmartPumpCarton122215_Carousel

Skip the traditional breast pump and opt for the Lansinoh Smartpump Double Electric Breast Pump! The Smartpump is the first Bluetooth-enabled pump and provides mothers with a ton of useful functions.

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Through the free Lansinoh Baby™ app, mothers can set trackers and reminders to help monitor various aspects of the feeding cycle. The app can be used on both Apple and Android devices, so you can use it with your tablets and smartphones!


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The pump also features 3 pumping styles and 8 adjustable suctions levels to help you customize the options that work best for you.

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The system is specifically designed as a closed-system to make it a simple device and prevent bacteria and mould growth.DSC_1111 empress avenue - pink pearl pr - baby shower event

This pump is a great gift to help a new mother have an easy time with breastfeeding!


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  • $199 USD
  • Features 3 pumping styles and 8 adjustable suction levels to suit your needs
  • Connects to the Lansinoh Baby™ app to help set trackers and reminders for easy breastfeeding
  • Closed-system with fewer parts and to prevent bacteria and mould growth
  • Compact and quiet for convenience

What Makes This Product Perfect for a Baby Shower?

The Smart Pump is truly a game changer in the breast pump market. Combining technology with a seamless design, this product will help new mothers adjust to the breastfeeding experience. Providing mothers with tracking and reminder functions through the official app, this unique pump will help mothers maintain their and their baby’s health, as well as establish their schedule. Its quiet and compact design makes it perfect for use anywhere. By giving this product to a new mother, you’re providing them with the gift of simplicity!

Shop the Lansinoh® Smartpump™ Double Electric Breast Pump on Amazon

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The Lansinoh® Smartpump™ Double Electric Breast Pump is an innovative product changing the breast pump market. This pump features 3 pumping styles and 8 adjustable suction levels to suit the specific, individual needs of each mother. It also uses Bluetooth technology to help mothers track their feeding cycle and set up reminders, to make the breastfeeding experience comfortable for new mothers. A closed-system design reduces the number of parts cleaned and prevents bacteria and mold growth. And its compact size and quiet motor make it convenient for the mom on-the-go.

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