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Empress Avenue chats with Regena Garrepy, co-author of the book Incredible Life and Reclaim Your Essence Life Coach. Add the roles of wife and mother to the mix, and it’s obvious that Regena understands first-hand how hard it is to balance everything in life. Regena lives with her husband and young son outside of Orlando, Florida. She enjoys cuisine, dancing, and yoga. Namaste! Read on for some great tips, especially if you have aspirations of becoming an author or want the inside scoop on reclaiming your essence.

  1. Tell us a little about yourself, your family, and/or your business. –I am a succulence seeker, wise woman mentor, healthy living and cooking enthusiast, recovering perfectionist and the Queen of Pancakes. (Seriously, I even give away my secret recipe in my free e-book). I believe that life is the ultimate adventure which is why when I travel- I take my cowboy hat! I have a background in elementary education/exceptional child and ever since I can remember, I’ve resonated with the archetype of teacher. I love sharing what I’m learning in life’s classroom. I’ve been married to an incredible partner for 18 years and together we face the ultimate adventure: parenthood. Our son is now eleven but on any given day he insists on being called Jack Sparrow, Anakin, Indiana Jones or Thor.
  2. How did your business begin?-After my son was born, I experienced post partum depression and spent that first year feeling quite “trapped.” On a path of healing, I ended up as a consultant in direct sales part-time which helped me reclaim my confidence and my voice. My business began with feeling passionate about empowering other women to reclaim lost parts of themselves too, their power, balance, health and wellness, sensuality, passion and dreams. In 2008, I got certified as a coach, which began a journey of self exploration, more trainings and certifications that cover coaching women in the areas of finding their purpose and essence, achieving their dreams, relational communications and leading a healthier, sexier, more passionate life. In 2009, I started Reclaim Your Essence.
  3. If you had to describe your business in less than 15 words, how would you do it?– Empowering women to get their groove back and remember who they are.
  4. What is your inspiration for your business?-My own journey and struggles combined with those of the women I meet is what inspires the topics I write about, programs I create, teach and coach. I want to help all women embrace their own inner Goddess and honor all parts of themselves. I want every woman to know their own unique power and essence.
  5. Describe your biggest success and how you knew that you were going to make it.-The day I first held the hard copy of the book I co-authored was a significant moment for me because a long held dream was finally actualized. The night of my book signing party, I realized the message wasn’t just in my head anymore but was out in the world. It was then I really understood the only thing that holds any of us back from having what we want isn’t our circumstances, talents or finances. It’s what we believe about our circumstances, talents and finances.
  6. Tell us about your typical ‘work’ day. –My day begins with the usual rush, routine, and responsibilities of making breakfast, packing lunches, signing forms, schedule negotiations and quick kisses to make sure my boys get out the door on time. My “workday” is then spent writing and creating, corresponding, building relationships, and coaching groups and individuals. This means I am pretty much on the phone and in front of my computer most of the day. Luckily I live in Florida, so I take my laptop and Goddess mug outside for fresh air. A couple of times a week, I try to get to the gym and do some yoga. Then, around 3pm, I shift into mommy mode to pick up my son, do homework, go to after school activities, do household maintenance, and at least one rock- it-out in the kitchen dance party with my son courtesy of Pandora radio on my iPad.
  7. What keeps you motivated?-The letters, emails, cards, and Facebook messages I receive from women that tell the story of overcoming a limiting belief or reclaiming a part of themselves. Every time I begin to sink into that feeling of “not good enough” or “who do I think I am?” I am humbled and touched by a story that reminds me to continue spreading my message and encouraging others to reclaim their essence.
  8. What is your next big goal?-My next big goal involves creating a movement along with fellow coach, Christina Dunbar, around overcoming the Good Girl Syndrome and dispelling the 5 Myths of the Good Girl. Society and our subconscious programming has laid out what is expected of us as good girls, good wives and good mothers. All of these “shoulds and can’ts” has limited us from speaking our truth, tapping into our power and stepping into sizzling hot confidence. We are beginning our conversation on June 28th with a free call. I am excited and passionate about exploring this topic and creating more freedom and joy!
  9. Name a product that you can’t live without? –My apple trilogy- iPhone, iBook, iPad; Pro-Bars and Yes to Cucumbers facial towelettes when traveling; my sketcher flip flops; my Flip Video Camera; and my son would say Legos!
  10. What advice would you give to someone considering becoming a mom-preneur? –Being in business for yourself doesn’t mean you have to do everything by yourself. There are resources available to help you with the parts of business that aren’tyour passion or strength. Honor your body, trust your intuition, listen to your inner ‘wise woman’ and remember to connect with your own purpose and dreams on a regular basis.
  11. And what is the most valuable lesson you have learned as a mom? –Our children are our biggest triggers, mirrors and teachers for self growth. There is no such thing as a ‘perfect mom’ so let go of trying to be one and instead focus on growing, challenging and developing yourself. When you learn and practice the skills of better communication, making mistakes, acting with more integrity and compassion, and choosing your health and wellness a priority, you give your children a gift through living by example.
  12. Name three things women can do to Reclaim their Essence?
  • Find what is nourishing and hydrating to your soul and do it regularly.
  • Keep your tape measure to yourself – comparing yourself and your situation to others steals your joy and power.
  • Raise your glass in gratitude for all that you do have right now in this moment.

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