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Cee is the fabulous owner and creator of Coco and Vera, a fashion blog based in both Vancouver and Paris. Cee has managed to establish an impressive blog despite having a full time job. She makes sure to keep posts current, unique, and trendy by including pieces dedicated to specific occasions such as fancy nights out or casual lunch dates! Utilizing both cities has also made for a beautiful combination of old and historic with new and modern in the fashion photo shoot settings. Make sure to keep updated with this Vancouverite/ Parisian’s closet advice and trends!

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1. Tell us about yourself and how you started blogging. – My name is Cee. I’m a Vancouver girl whose heart lives in Paris. I’m a writer, tea drinker and avid traveler. And of course, I love fashion! I started my blog in June 2010. I was looking for a way to channel my creativity and make connections. At the time I didn’t know much about fashion blogging, but I dove in head first and it was the best impulse decision I’ve ever made.

2. What makes your blog absolutely fabulous? – The same thing that makes all blogs fabulous – the fact that it is unique and real. Fashion magazines are a wonderful source of inspiration, but they don’t represent anything like the lives most of us live. I have a full time job. I have to dust and go to the grocery store. I have a self-published novel that I’m working (incredibly) hard to promote. And I do it all while (most of the time) maintaining my personal style. I think that kind of openness and relate-ability, combined with beautiful photos, is what attracts people to bloggers in general, and I hope, to Coco & Vera specifically.

3. What type of content fits with your targeted audience? – There is no doubt that my readers are most interested in personal style posts. I love sharing my outfits and the fact that they’re well-received by a wide audience is a nice bonus. But outside of fashion, I’m also passionate about travel and writing, so I like to prepare semi-regular posts on those topics as well. While it’s not necessarily what my regular readers are most interested in, I think it’s fun to open the discussion up to a new audience and also to share a little bit more of who I am that way.

4. What does a day in your blog life look like? – I have a full time job in the insurance industry, so a lot of my blog life takes place on the weekend, especially photo shoots. I pick my favourite outfits that I’ve worn in a given week and shoot with my husband, Ian, who is a photographer; we have a small studio in our apartment but I prefer to be outside when the weather is good, so that we can enjoy the city at the same time. I keep up with my favourite blogs daily – who can resist? – and attend events when I can. It’s all a balancing act.

I look for the same thing in readers that I look for in people I meet in real life; kindness, sincerity and sparkling wit.

5. What types of readers are in your ‘pink book’ and who are you looking to connect with? – I started my blog because I was looking to connect with like-minded people who shared my passions. That has now happened for me many times over and I feel really lucky to have my so many wonderful friends, both near and far, through my blog. I look for the same thing in readers that I look for in people I meet in real life; kindness, sincerity and sparkling wit.

6. Is running your own blog as glamorous as it sounds? Why or why not? – Running a blog isn’t particularly glamourous – it’s hard work! Consistently creating great content involves photography, editing, graphic design and writing. On top of that, there is the job of marketing the blog so that people actually see that content; connecting with readers and brands and developing a social media presence. But if it looks glamourous, that means I’m doing something right (and not giving in to the compulsion to take selfies while working in my pajamas on Saturday night!)

7. What celebrity do you look at for style inspiration and why? – Most of my style inspirations are bloggers – which probably isn’t too surprising! But I love French style, so I’ve always loved Marion Cotillard; she is always beautifully dressed without ever being overdone and I can’t help but admire her easygoing off-duty style.

8. What are your favourite stores to shop at for the perfect wardrobe? – For someone who has a fashion blog, I actually do surprisingly little shopping! When I do, I tend to look online rather than in stores (I really hate trying on clothes in hot, cramped fitting rooms), and there are certain brands that I go back to over and over again; J. Crew for shoes, J. Brand for denim, Madewell for silk blouses, Zara for pieces that are on trend and Paris-based Sezane for, well, everything.

9. What is your favourite travel hot spot? What items do you not leave behind? – Paris is the city that will always have my heart. I’ve lived there twice, one for three months and more recently for a full year. It feels like home to me, but the best home you can imagine. I visit as often as I can and when I do, I always come home with Embroylisse moisturizer, a new pair of boots from Jonak, sweaters from Kookai and as many macarons as I can carry!

10. Can you offer any advice for new bloggers or female entrepreneurs looking to promote their business? – Take risks. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Learn from setbacks, but don’t let them define you. And most of all, take Coco Chanel’s sage advice: be exactly who and what you want.


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