How to Create Your Holiday Promotions

You need a well-planned promotional calendar to take the frenzy out of an already crazy time of year. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could bring in some income to close out the year?

You might be thinking… 

Which holidays do I actually want–and need–to create promotions around What can I offer that people will actually buy? How long do I promote my offers? When do I start? How do I make sure people even see my messages?

Should I even bother when there are a million others offering products and services just like mine? It’s enough to make even the merriest among us get all, “Bah, humbug!” am I right?

The good news is, I get it. The better news is I’ve discovered that with the right strategy in place, you, too can maximize this time period that only comes “but once a year.”

So, if you’d like your Q4 income to feel a little less ho-hum and a little more Hallelujah! (read: get a big “chunk” of income before year’s end–or at the beginning of the next year!), I’ve got something for you. 

Get the Holiday Sales and Promotions Course for only $47! Limited Time Offer for the holiday season.

We’re going to discuss why you need to have a firm plan for promoting your offers during the holiday season and how to do so without losing your mind in the craziness.

You get 6 in-depth audio lessons and my holiday planning workbook with detailed instructions. Secret Santa bonus included! Don’t miss out!

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