Free 5 Day Perfectly Planned Publicity Challenge! Are You In?

As a public relations professional, I get a ton of messages from female entrepreneurs asking for tips to get some media attention. My response is simple: the only way to get real results from publicity is by taking an organized approach to organize your brand stories.

That’s why I created the Perfectly Planned Publicity Challenge to help others create a system for telling the public about their products or services and create a calendar for getting things done. With an organized and systematic approach, you’ll feel less stressed and get more accomplished in your publicity efforts from day one.

Publicity is all about getting the message about your business and its unique offerings to the media and your customers. You know your business better than anyone else and you can identify the unique value you offer and share it with the world. Publicity is a way for others to sing your praises for you! Getting the media to write about you can be more effective than content you create about yourself. People trust the word of others, so having positive media about your business can have a huge impact.


Creating a publicity plan is a matter of mastering some basic techniques and putting in the work. Over the next 5 days, we are going to share five ways to do it and help you get organized for the year ahead. I hope you will join me in the challenge.

Join the Public Relations Academy to take your creative ideas and put them into a systematic plan to help you deliver the content you need to succeed. You can also sign-up for our one-on-one coaching monthly strategy calls. Visit to take the FREE 5 Day Perfectly Planned Publicity Challenge. *Special Offer* Sign-up for Kajabi FREE for 28 days * 

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