How To Transform Your Work With This Unusual Concentration Technique / Scott Tousley

Scott Tousley_Empress AvenueWe all want to manage our time more efficiently. So, when I came across this article by Scott Tousley on my desk this morning, I immediately asked him for his permission to share with Empress Avenue readers. He has outlined a strategy to manage his energy, in addition to his time and, as a result, his productivity skyrocketed. Read more to see how he did it. (Genius!)

The Unusual Concentration Technique That Transformed How I Work, by Scott Tousley, Growth Marketing and Content Marketing expert with Sidekick (a HubSpot company). He researches productivity habits behind successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, and innovators.

Below is a preview of the article and you can read the full version here.

Step 1: Work in 90 minute intervals

I work in 90 minute intervals, then rest for 30 minutes between each interval, while listening to music optimized to boost concentration and focus. After adopting this groundbreaking technique, I could concentrate longer, avoid distractions, maintain higher energy throughout the day, and dramatically lower my stress.


Every day is ultimately divided into thirds — 8 hour of sleep, 8 hours of recreation, 8 hours of work. However, a common misconception is these 8-hour periods are linear intervals.

In reality, the human body operates on 120-minute biological intervals throughout the day called ultradian rhythms. These are broken into a series of peaks (when we are energized) and troughs (when we are exhausted).

This productivity method takes advantage of our natural energy AND natural exhaustion, as our body is optimized to function in a series of sprints and rests. Not fighting the exhaustion with coffee and actually taking rests drastically improves my daily energy.

Early morning grogginess? Gone. The dreaded post-lunch food coma? Gone. The 4pm slump? Gone. 

Read how to work in 90 minute “macro-sessions”, with 30 minute breaks in between here.

If you struggle concentrating or “getting in the zone,” I cannot suggest this combo enough.

Try it.

It might change your life, too.

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