Talia’s Holiday Gift Guide for Female Entrepreneurs

If you’re anything like me, the holiday season can be a bit of a mixed blessing. It’s fun to celebrate and spend time with loved ones, but it can also be stressful trying to choose the perfect gift for everyone on your list. I normally try to start my Christmas shopping in the fall, but this year has been extra busy with a last-minute Christmas vacation, so I’m ordering everything online!

If you can relate, and you are still looking for that perfect present for the female entrepreneur in your life, I’ve got you covered. My holiday guide features tons of great gift ideas for you to choose from Amazon, with fast shipping, to ensure that your gift arrives in time for Christmas.

You can also take a look at my full list of shopping ideas here.

For Extra Motivation

Every working woman can use some additional motivation from time to time. Here are some gift ideas that give them that extra push!

1. The Five Minute Journal

Journaling is a great way to organize thoughts and feel more focused throughout the day — and with The Five Minute Journal, it’s easy to fit in some daily writing!

2. InspireHer Pop-Open Cards

Each of these beautifully designed InspireHer pop-open cards features a unique and inspiring message. The recipient can keep them on her desk or nightstand, and draw one whenever they need a little boost.

3. Keep Going Bracelet

Sometimes, women just need a clear reminder to keep going. This beautiful Keep Going bracelet looks great with any outfit and is engraved with a fun and motivating message that every woman needs to read from time to time.

For Holiday Reading

1. The Fempreneur book by Talia Beckett Davis

If you know a female entrepreneur that needs a confidence boost, and a step-by-step plan to create her memorable brand image and become unstoppable, the Fempreneur book is the perfect gift. You will learn how to re-energize your brand image and find new ways to monetize it.

2. The Everything Is Figureoutable book by Marie Forleo

While most self-help books offer quick fixes, Everything is Figureoutable will retrain your brain to think more creatively and positively in the face of setbacks. Whether you want to leave a dead end job, break an addiction, learn to dance, heal a relationship, or grow a business, Everything is Figureoutable will show you how. This is a great book to help female entrepreneur's set new year resolutions with intention.

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3. The Two Weeks Notice book by Amy Porterfield

Ever wish there was a step-by-step blueprint to design your life for financial freedom, lifestyle flexibility, and major impact? In the Two Weeks Notice book, Amy Porterfield helps female entrepreneurs go from being stuck and complacent to courageous and capable of creating a business that offers time and financial freedom. Pre-order a copy for that working woman in your life that wants to start her own online business.

For the Office

Whether she does her job at home or in a skyscraper downtown, your favorite working woman can surely use something new for her office. Consider one of these gift ideas to brighten up her desk:

1. New Ember Temperature Control Mug

How frustrating is it to get sucked into your work and forget you have a steaming cup of coffee on your desk? This New Ember temperature control mug ensures hot coffee or tea is always at the ready, no matter how long it’s been since it was brewed.

2. Flexispot Adjustable Standing Desk

Many people find that they stay focused more easily and experience fewer aches and pains when they start using a standing desk. This sleek and stylish standing desk from FLEXISPOT could be the perfect gift for the working woman who’s tired of sitting all day long.

3. Pure Daily Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers freshen up the home or office without being too overpowering. This Pure Daily diffuser is an excellent addition to any desk or shelf — and it comes with plenty of oils to start building an impressive collection.

For the Fashionista

For the fashion-forward female entrepreneur in your life, these are all great gifts to share:

1. Kiltane of Scotland Pure Cashmere Scarf

A beautiful scarf adds warmth and panache to any outfit — especially during the chilly winter months. This Kiltane of Scotland 100% pure cashmere scarf comes in many different patterns, so it’s easy to choose one that works best for everyone’s taste.

2. Blue Light-Blocking Glasses

Blue light-blocking glasses help to prevent eye strain from staring at the computer or phone for hours at a time. This three-pack of stylish Meet Sun glasses is perfect for every woman. It ensures she always has a backup pair handy and can change frames depending on her outfit and preferences for the day.

3. Ease Gave Laptop Bag

A trendy laptop bag is an excellent gift for women to carry to and from the office or their favorite coffee shop. This affordable bag from Ease Gave features plenty of compartments to accommodate a laptop and other essentials while still looking sleek and streamlined.

For the Health Nut

Many female entrepreneurs struggle to make time for themselves and their well-being, especially during the busy holiday season. Here are some health and wellness-related items you can gift to help them feel their best:

1. City Sports Foldable Treadmill

This foldable treadmill from City Sports fits easily under a standing desk and allows you to walk while you work. For women who struggle to get to the gym because of their tight schedules, the walking treadmill is the perfect solution (this is something that's on my personal wish-list!)

2. Verilux HappyLight Luxe LED Therapy Lamp

The struggle with seasonal depression is real. If you know a woman who deals with this issue and needs extra support during the winter, consider giving them their own HappyLight for their office. I personally love this champagne gold version from Verilux, available fast on Amazon.

3. Acupressure Mat and Pillow

There’s not always room in the schedule for a massage for busy female entrepreneurs. However, an acupressure mat is an excellent alternative that helps minimize neck and back pain. Just roll it out on the floor, lie down, and relax. This mat and pillow set from Kanjo comes in various colours and has its own carrying bag.

Start Shopping Today!

Don’t panic — you’ve still got time to buy great gifts – especially if you want to order online from Amazon. Use this holiday guide as a jumping-off point, and you’ll have no trouble picking out the perfect presents for your favorite female entrepreneurs.

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