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wink natural cosmetics_empress avenue_pink book_logoAfter disappointing results with eyelash extensions, founder Megan Cox decided to create an all natural solution for improving the fullness of her eyelashes. While a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Megan and fellow student Miguel Salinas developed Wink Natural Cosmetics. Wink works by providing essential fatty acids (EFAs) not naturally produced by to the body to dormant hair follicles and conditions lashes as well.

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Darkening eyes and eyebrows for a bolder look can be a long and arduous task of  applying layers of  pencil and mascara. And since no one likes feeling sticky from all  that makeup in the  spring and summer heat we’ve solved the problem by  introducing you to Wink! This  all-natural eyelash and eyebrow enhancer is made to  specifically target sparse areas and  regrow and improve your brows and lashes. The  formula (created without harmful  chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, hormones,  artificial fragrances and dyes) helps  condition and strengthen your lashes and  brows, preventing breakage and thinning that  naturally occurs over time. With  Wink you can enhance your natural beauty without  having to apply makeup every  day. Think of all the time and money you’ll save!

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