How To Create A Thriving, Profitable Business as a Female Entrepreneur

As a big-hearted female entrepreneur you are wired to succeed in the online business world. The key to remember is that building a successful business is about getting great over time. That is why you need to start from a strong business foundation. You must prioritize the right things and ignore all the noise. To be successful, you must take smarter, more strategic actions, and this video training series is a great first step to take.

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How can you build genuine trust with your audience so you can run a sustainable business that takes care of you? The first thing you need to do is build a business that stands out from the crowd, and helps you make the difference you were meant to make in this world. Now you might be wondering if you should you continue with your comfortable corporate job, or if you should quit and start your own business?

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I will leave that decision up to you, but Marie Forleo helped me realize that you must choose a niche and become known for one thing. For example, today I’m well known for creating the Public Relations Academy. Although I run a PR Agency (Pink Pearl PR) and I’m the Founder of Women in PR North America, it’s my online program that helps me attract new customers.

When you are just starting out, it can feel frustrating to pick just one thing to focus on – you are a multipassionate entrepreneur and you want to do all the things! All that diverse experience will give you a unique perspective on what works for you, but you will need to eventually focus. So how do you pick that one thing like I finally did? As Marie says Everything is Figureoutable, and in my opinion B-School can really help.

We are constantly learning new things and evolving as we go. Marie Forleo was named as a thought leader for the next generation by Oprah. She’s interviewed countless leaders on MarieTV and she can teach you how to build a thriving, profitable business with her strategy. After I enrolled in B-School, I was named as PR Influencer by Nasdaq, and I have interviewed countless female entrepreneurs. I believe that I can teach you how to build your own influence through media attention.

In Marie’s training on how to create a thriving, profitable business, she explains that we are all looking for inspiration on a variety of topics, but we also crave a sense of connection. As a female entrepreneur, you need to create a community around your brand to create customer loyalty.

Listen to my podcast episode on this topic here.

Creating a community around your brand is done through content and connection. You can use your gifts and ideas to help others in this world. Your big heart is your biggest competition advantage and you exist to make a difference to others! When you sign-up for B-School, you will also achieve time freedom as an online entrepreneur. You can work on your own schedule and spend quality time with your family like I do. You can also create location freedom and run your business from anywhere your laptop is. Doing business online allows you to make an impact on a global scale – fast. There are nearly $4 billion people online and so many tools available to you today. You have an enormous opportunity to get in the game and take consistent action!

Watch this training to get Marie’s 6 pillar roadmap and download her PDF fun sheets to take action right now! All the links can be found on my B-School overview page.

When you first start your business, you will also need to market yourself. Should you start a blog, promote yourself on social media, start a podcast, host webinars, or do ALL the things!? It is only going to get more complicated! Stop trying to be everywhere and do everything. Just execute on your own unique strategy that fits your strengths.

In Marie’s training, she outlines her 6 pillar roadmap to help you take action. Marie knows what people are struggling with after interviewing hundreds on entrepreneurs so I would really take the time to watch.

Here are a few of my personal notes from the training:

1. Profit clarity: If you want to achieve profit clarity, you need to know your target market and what they believe? (hint, it’s not everyone) B-School will help you get specific. Before B-School, I was trying to serve everyone, but that did not help me stand out. What is your business model? What are you selling? What’s the revenue model? Can you scale it? Where is the most profitability in your business? Which products or services are wasting your time? How can you scale your time and your impact? Where should you focus on your time and energy? Marie will explain.

2. Website that sells: I have had website shame in the past! It takes prospects 3 seconds to form an impression. Your site needs to sell, not turn away your visitors. Your website needs to connect with your audience and communicate how you can help them. Your website needs to capture your prospects name and email. You must earn their trust. Marie explains how to convert browsers into buyers and turn your website into your best salesperson.

3. Communication plan: You need to build trust through your communication. How can you add value to your customers lives? If you are sending emails or publishing a podcast – you must be consistent. Your goal should be to inspire and instruct. For example, every Tuesday I publish a new blog post on and I send out a newsletter.

4. Traffic and grow your list: You cannot build it and expect that they will come! You need to be smart and generous to create value for other people’s audiences. You can do this by speaking on stages, being a guest on podcasts, and giving knowledge to other audiences.

5. Design products and services your customers love: In B-School you will learn how to make irresistible offers and position yourself, so your audience wants what you are selling. You must deliver your offer with integrity. You need to know how to position your offer to communicate your value, so your customer wants to buy. You need to learn how to create excitement so your customers will feel eager and excited to do business with you.

6. Marketing: You can have the best product or service, but if no one knows about it, your business will not survive. People will not just find you. Marketing is the lifeblood of your business. Modern marketing is about effective, compassionate communication. If you are a business owner, it’s your responsibility to learn more about marketing (and PR) and take consistent action to make yourself visible.

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  1. A simple 6-step roadmap to help you launch and grow your business online with class and smarts.
  2. How to overcome the fear and doubt that keeps most business owners stuck.
  3. The exact framework Marie used to build a highly profitable global brand.
  4. What you need to focus on first, second, third, and so on to eliminate overwhelm and take consistent action.

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