Changing Fear Into Excitement

You may have “learned” that the butterfly-sensation in your stomach before you give a presentation or webinar is “fear”. Try re-framing that to: “Wow, I sure am excited about this!”

Seriously, this works for me! Changing fear into excitement in your mind is the first step to taking action, taking risks—and succeeding. Most people give up too easily when they are attempting to change mental habits. This happens because they expect their feelings to change instantly.

The more negativity or powerlessness is ingrained in our habitual thoughts, the longer it takes to “break” that response. Go through exercises such as re-framing anyway and one day before too long, you’ll find your feelings will eventually follow.

There are many things in my life that work well, but many things just don’t and if you are like me these are the things that could be keeping you from your ultimate success and happiness. This is the year to make some big changes!

Please follow along and let’s stretch our limits and change our habits that no longer work – together. Over the next couple of months, I’m sharing some mind-hacks to help you create a whole new way of thinking for 2019 geared to propel you towards not only your goals but a happier, successful life.

Are you ready to build your dream life? Even though it won’t happen overnight, it IS possible to make serious change, so you can recognize the right earning opportunities for your business.

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Photos by: Twinography Studio
Photoshoot location: Steveston Village in Richmond, B.C., Canada

Talia Beckett Davis is the Founder of the Organization of American Women in Public Relations and the Organization of Canadian Women in Public Relations. She has worked with some of the largest brands in North America at her PR agency Pink Pearl PR to help them get featured in high profile media outlets and grow their sales.

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