Creating More Of What You Want

Every time you find yourself particularly enjoying something—anything at all, from taking a simple but refreshing nap every afternoon to the adrenaline rush of sealing a six-figure deal—get into the habit of asking yourself: “How can I create more of this?”

In order to create more of something, you need to let go of something else; so the second part of this question is: “How do I get rid of …?”

In order to create more of what you want, you need to focus on it, live it, breathe it—and plan for more. It doesn’t just happen on its own. So go after what you love—and what makes you feel excited to be alive.

Finally, realize that these mind-hacks I’ve been sharing throughout my series of posts are not something you “should” do. Pick and choose, adapting them to your personality and goals. They are here for you to pick up and use, like instruments, so you can fine-tune your business and your life to finally create true happiness and success as a female entrepreneur.

There are many things in my life that work well, but many things just don’t and if you are like me these are the things that could be keeping you from your ultimate success and happiness. 2019 is the year to make some big changes!

Thank you again for following along. I hope you enjoyed stretching our limits and changing our habits that no longer work – together.

Are you ready to build your dream life? Even though it won’t happen overnight, it IS possible to make serious change, so you can recognize the right earning opportunities for your business.

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Photos by: Twinography Studio
Photoshoot location: Steveston Village in Richmond, B.C., Canada

Talia Beckett Davis is the Founder of the Organization of American Women in Public Relations and the Organization of Canadian Women in Public Relations. She has worked with some of the largest brands in North America at her PR agency Pink Pearl PR to help them get featured in high profile media outlets and grow their sales.

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