As a female entrepreneur, it’s critical to consider how you should invest in your business in order to keep building your brand. Investing in your own expertise is one of the fastest ways to help your company remain attractive to your target audience.

Over the next four weeks we will be sharing our Fempreneur tips for amplifying your marketing efforts so that you can increase your profits and finally grow your business this year. You can follow along in the series here.

In the first part of the series, we shared how you can plan ahead to ensure your marketing success as a female entrepreneur.

In the second part of the series, we discussed how you can build your email list with prospects to help ensure your marketing success.

In the third part of the series, we shared how you can feel confident using promotional tactics to market your products or services with integrity.

In the final part four of the series, we are going to tell you how you can get exposure for your brand using marketing tactics.

Week Four – Getting exposure for your brand

Even if your business is online-based, getting exposure may require that you step outside of your comfort zone and start using other mediums such as radio interviews, guest blogging, authorship, speaking engagements and more to engage with your audience. You might also want to consider strategic joint ventures or advertising Facebook.

However, one way to have a larger impact with your online marketing efforts is to ramp up your exposure! Exposure means that more people start to get to know you as an expert female entrepreneur. You have seen it happen on TV when a new show is coming – teasers, sneak peeks and little bits of information come out about the show. Becoming known as an expert in your niche is a lot like that. A little sneak peak at a time will go far in pushing you toward expert status. It’s a fabulous way to make a big impact quickly. People listen to experts, sign up for their lists, and wait with bated breath for their next offering.

In the Fempreneur Becoming Memorable Program, we help you create your strategy for becoming an authority and an expert in your field.

The fastest way to be seen as an authority figure is through guidance from someone who has already become one. Successful businesses stay afloat when they gain years of experience and build their credibility with their audience.

Specifically in the Fempreneur Becoming Memorable Program, we will help you:

  • Become visible online and offline, become vocal, tell people what you do, share your experiences, and offer advice to the right audience;
  • Build your credibility to gain more visibility, new followers and potential new clients;
  • Learn how to be viewed as a trusted expert in your field;
  • Learn how to stand out from the crowd as an industry leader;
  • Learn how to get your content published on authority sites, such as Inc Magazine, Forbes, or the Huffington Post;
  • Plan your content, service offerings or product promotions for the next 12 months!

Here are some ways to start getting more exposure for your brand:

  • Blog More – There are probably more places that you can submit blogs than just your own site. offers some people the chance to become publishers, and there may be other opportunities within groups that you are taking part. Take every chance you have to get your information out as the expert with your byline whether it’s online or offline.
  • Guest Blogging – Mentioned above, but a little different. Find blogs that deal with your audience but are not competition that have a higher ranking than your blog (or the same). Send information to them offering to guest blog for free once a month with an original article in exchange for a byline with a link.
  • Publishing a Book – Today, it’s easier than ever to become published now that Amazon offers Kindle Direct Publishing. You can sell your book, or offer it for free to help get the word out about your business and expertise.
  • Partnerships — A partnership with someone who offers complementary products and services to the same audience you cater to is a wonderful way to spread the word about your products and services. You both can use each other’s resources and skills to make something completely new and awesome for your audience.
  • Speaking Engagements – It might be out of your comfort zone, but speaking either online at webinars or at in person events is a great way to become known as an expert in your area. The more you can speak about what you know the better.
  • Interviews – Not only should you interview other experts for your own podcast or blog, you should agree to be interviewed as often as possible to get your message out to your audience. The more ways you’re presented as “the expert” the more your audience will see you as the expert.
  • Social Media – Promote everything you do via social media and ask your audience to like, share, follow and engage with you on social media. Answer questions people have, and stay on top of issues that arise.

Participating in these activities and anything else that you can think of that will increase your exposure will help you gain expert status a lot faster. Be sure to take your time with each addition to your roster.

Regardless of the strategy you choose, planning out what you will do each week, then simply repeating it every time you have a new product or service will help you become more successful than you ever thought possible. If you play your cards right, the truth is, increasing your profits is simply a few weeks away.

We get it, you’re busy running your business and you need a step- by-step plan to help you keep growing. The benefits of keeping on top of the latest marketing trends will have a big impact on your bottom line and we’ve already done all the work for you at Fempreneur.

You can access the Fempreneur marketing workshops from anywhere across the globe and if you are serious about really growing your business this year, we encourage you to join us in the Fempreneur Becoming Memorable Program.

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