Welcome to the first episode of the Fempreneur podcast, the place to be to learn about marketing, branding and public relations as a female entrepreneur. I’m your host, Talia Davis, and I’m thrilled that you are joining me online here.

Many of you have asked me questions about building a successful business as a female entrepreneur and I thought the best way to share my knowledge is through creating a podcast for my community.

In this episode, I’m going to give you some very specific ways that you can seamlessly create a community around your brand. I wanted to start with a topic that I believe is central to building a successful business. You need to create an audience that is hungry for your products or services and this all starts with your unique brand community.

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In the Fempreneur Podcast I’m going to share my techniques for encouraging engagement and interaction, which is vital to maintaining a vibrant community. You’ll discover how to attract the right members who resonate with your values and how to provide the content they want to engage with.

This podcast provides you with the keys to growing your brand and your business through your thriving brand community.

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If you haven’t considered the importance of branding for your business as a female entrepreneur, now is the time.

Do you worry that everything you create has been done before? Do you think you have nothing new to add to the conversation, or that everyone has seen it all before? This kind of thinking is the number one killer of new businesses, and it is absolutely not true.

If you’re not familiar with what branding really means, it’s a way of making yourself or your business unique and memorable. It’s a way to stand out among the competition. Let us help you create your personal brand image.

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