Always need a vacation? Maybe you need a new life.

By now you may have heard of the article by Noelle Hancock, 31 year old Yale University grad, that appeared in Cosmopolitan and Elle Magazine, Why I gave up a 95k job to move to an island. Working as a journalist in New York City, making $95,000 a year, she felt she didn’t have time to truly relax and enjoy life. She moved to an island, scoops ice cream to pay her bills and is already planning her next adventure – Europe perhaps?

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Melita Koulmandas Hunter bought an island in Cambodia with her husband, both originally from Sydney, Australia, putting her plan to relocate to New York City on hold… for the past 10 years.  Her husband Rory runs an advertising agency and she started a landscape design business.

Lindsey Banks explains that she stopped dreaming of vacations and made a new life instead – she moved to the mountains with her husband where she felt truly content.

A few years ago, my husband and I moved to London, UK for two years and then spent 3 months backpacking through Greece, Bulgaria and Romania. After working full time, studying full time, we needed an adventure and an opportunity to reflect. There were comments about us wasting our time, wasting our education to travel. However, it was one of the best moments of our life and brought us closer. We are already planning our next big move.

Last year, one of our friends made the permanent move to Belize and left a well-paying government job, and full pension, behind. He sold all of his assets and opened a café on the beach.

Are you seeing a trend? With the Internet making it easy for individuals to pursue their passions, no matter what they may be, what’s stopping us from making a change in our lives? What’s stopping you from making a change?

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Lindsey Banks explains that she “felt stuck somewhere she didn’t want to be… in a job she didn’t want to have.” You have options, you just need to think about what it is you truly want in life. Start small. Dream big.

cabin in the woods_empress avenueHere are a few ideas:

  1. Buy a cabin in the woods (like we did!). Spend as much time as possible at your second home. Can you take a 2 month sabbatical like Bethany Butzer?
  2. Save your money, retire early. Completely giving up your career in your 30’s isn’t ideal. But, why not devise a plan to simplify your life and retire early? It’s never too late for a new chapter.
  3. Start your own business. Work from anywhere.
  4. Move to another country.
  5. Focus on the positive. Reframe the negative.
  6. Make every day feel like a vacation. Explore new places in your own neighbourhood.

What are your thoughts on revising your career or lifestyle? Do you have some ideas to add to our list? Comment below.

Can you do me a favor and share this post? We’re here to help people, to inspire women. Reading this post may just help someone take that next big leap in their career!

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